Restless Time / Poetry by Sylvia Yoon Kim


You can not write

For the sake of writing

And you can not breathe

To simply breathe


What we hold is deeper

More vibrant than

Subtle breaths

And sudden sighs


We hold eternity in our hands

Little mountain scapes

Floating in our palms


But we take a peek and smile

And let it fall like sand

Into forgotten realms


We must be forever seeking


Until we can call ourselves




Of restlessness




I feel my world melting around me


Starting from the corners

To the walls

To the paper

That gently fades from time

And weathering storms


And we know

As the melting continues

As we spin and laugh

With masks on


That it

Will melt


But in the brief pauses

We come to life

Sparks of laughter

And cherished memories


Until the room spins

And the walls melt

And the foundation cracks

And fizzles from time



But in the brief pauses

Some of us


To laugh




It is strange


There is something I miss

That I can not place

That I can not name

Nor find


But it is that which is lost

Which I miss


In the days when I felt


And tears moved avalanches

In my soul



The days that wilt

Into tiny photos

Of reminiscence


Nostalgia for the sake of nostalgia

Brokenness for the sake

Of being broken


Those were the days

When It

Was alive


And we were big

And thought big


While now we are small

Lost in the torrents of

The multiples

Living to multiply


But there is also beauty

In the smallness

The littleness of

Our contentment


And the steadiness

Of constant incompletion

Striving slowly for more


Striving slowly for nothing more

Than now


Unsteady hands

Self assured

Forgetting that

We are

And we are not






Arise o little ones

From your sleepy cages

We’ve come to indulge in


The sleep


And blinding

And fierce

And invisible


Until flashes come

Of the brilliance

That lies beyond

Self configured control


Arise and awake

Beloved ones


Weak enough to speak

Strong enough to break


The time for sleep is finished

The time to breathe

Is now





You restless time

Crawling on my back like a bug


Reminding me always

That I am changing

And I am the same


That time is immovable

And a constant ticking

In the depths of every thought

Which passes before you

Like a stranger


If you are to speak

Speak louder

Or do not speak at all

In my mind’s soul



Portrait of progress

Displayer of mistakes

Tyrant of shoulds

And haves

And have nots



You slay my will

While defending

Where I have come from


Uncomfortable comfort

I long for all

And none of you


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