Miami Travel Diary

This past Memorial Day weekend was full of sunshine, suntans, sunburns and smiles. My best friend and I went on a mini-vacation to Miami. It was both our first time visiting, and it’s safe to say that it won’t be our last. Here is a recap of where we went, what we did-and of course what we ate!

Miami Beach



Our main priority was to spend as much time at the beach as possible. Every morning we went to the picturesque Miami Beach with its blue ocean and white sands. It was very easy to get to because the beach is just one long strip, so you can find it from anywhere. While the South Beach area was lots of fun because you could see the Miami skyline, Mid-Beach was also nice because it was less crowded. I definitely recommend going to the beach on a weekday when there is less people and less noise!

Wynwood Walls


Other than the beach, my favorite adventure was going to Wynwood Walls. It’s an entire area of amazing graffiti art. It was so much fun taking pictures and also touring through the galleries sprinkled throughout it. Wynwood Walls is in Miami’s art district which has an awesome vibe.



Wynwood Kitchen & Bar is a great place to eat lunch before you visit Wynwood Walls. It’s literally right next to it! The food is very fresh and served tapas style to share.


Havana 1957 was another fun spot. They serve Cuban sandwiches and delicious mojitos! Be sure to go to the location on Lincoln Road since that’s another fun shopping and dining area to explore.

Miami5Miami27Miami 36

Meat Market is another delicious restaurant on Lincoln Road. It’s definitely more upscale and the food is a lot pricier. But if you’re looking for a fancy steakhouse to splurge at, Meat Market is the place to go!


Cecconi’s is inside Soho Beach House and was one of the places that stood out for it’s amazing environment. All of the seating is outdoors and features a rustic and elegant feel. The brunch was so tasty that after eating there once, we wanted to go again!



The Salty Donut is probably the food I’ll remember the most from my trip. We stumbled upon it by chance after Wynwood Walls, and the place was packed! After waiting in line, we shared the most delicious Key Lime donut of my entire life. I’m not even really a donut person, but this place blew my mind!


Pinocchio Cafe on Ocean Drive was one of my favorite breakfast spots in Miami. It’s this tiny little place, just steps from the beach. From the outside it doesn’t look like much, but their chocolate croissant was amazing! Ocean Drive is also fun to walk down on. There’s tons of shops and restaurants to check out before heading to the beach.



Bodega bar serves an eclectic mix of drinks and tacos. It was a super interesting place because when you first enter, it just looks like a food truck stand. But when you pass through the hidden doors, there is an entirely transformed space for lounging and drinks. It made you feel like you discovered a hidden gem! If you’re looking for a place to chill at night, definitely go to Bodega!


I hope you enjoyed my travel diary of Miami and that it gave you some inspiration for your next visit. Overall, Miami is a fun and vibrant city with a very diverse group of people. Everything is very compact and easy to get to. If you have any other recommendations of things to do and see, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading! Until next time!


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