Foodie Adventures in Austin

This past weekend I went back home to the one and only Austin, Texas. Rather than fill my time with non-stop adventure, all I wanted to do was eat at my favorite restaurants (which for me is way more fun). Now there are loads of famous restaurants in Austin. But I prefer to eat at a few underrated gems that never let me down such as…

First Chinese BBQ

Austin 3Austin 1

One of my favorite restaurants in Austin is for sure First Chinese BBQ. Located in the MT Supermarket Complex, this place specializes in authentic Chinese cuisine but with a bit of Americanized flair in my opinion. If you visit, make sure to order the Seafood Hotpot that still has a flame as you eat. I also recommend the orange chicken, shrimp soft noodles and beef flat noodles. They also serve duck if that’s what your heart desires.

Thai Cuisine

Austin 2

For some reason, I can never find a Pad See Ew better than the one served at Thai Cuisine on Parmer Lane in Austin. It’s just absolutely perfect! Their thai tea is also ginormous and delicious. And I love that they have a free buffet which includes salads, soups and spring rolls! If you love Thai food, this place is definitely worth a visit.

Hanabi Sushi

Austin 5Austin 4

If you’re looking for fresh and affordable sushi, check out Hanabi. They have great combo deals so that you can eat both delicious rolls and nigiri! They also serve miso soup and salad as a free appetizer, and it’s always on point. 😉

Austin 7

Before you go just look at how cute this dog is! Hahaha! Just wanted to add in that photo of my sister’s dog Smores at the end there. Anyways, hope you enjoyed my little food diary of my Austin travels.

Until next time!


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