Travel: 24 hours in L.A.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to go to Los Angeles for work. I had exactly 24 hours to make the most of my little trip. I’ve been to L.A. once before but honestly didn’t know what I could do in a short amount of time. Thankfully, I discovered some dining gems and got to dip my toes in the ocean! So here’s my 24 hour adventure!


Dinner: For dinner I went to North Italia. The pizza was AMAZING and the place had great vibes and decor! I also recommend spending time at The Point in El Segundo, which is where the restaurant was located. It’s a hip shopping and dining area, the perfect place to get a taste of L.A.


Breakfast: After waking up bright and early in the morning the next day, I decided to visit Uncle Bill’s Pancake House. It’s a quaint little place just steps from the beach. The food was tasty and the portions were huge!


Manhattan Beach: So rather than going to Santa Monica or Venice Beach, I decided to check out Manhattan Beach. Although Santa Monica Pier is a beautiful and fun escape, it’s also filled with tourists. I’m so happy I went to Manhattan Beach instead. There was barely anyone there except for a few locals and surfers. Manhattan Beach offers everything you’d imagine Los Angeles to look like, palm trees, white sands, a pier, and crystal waves-but without the crowd.

I hope you got a bit of inspiration for your next visit to sunny Los Angeles. Let me know what places in L.A. you love to visit in the comments below. Thanks for reading! Until next time!


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