Life Update: Turning 24 and Starting a New Job!

Hi everyone!

I know it’s been waaaaay too long since I’ve posted anything. But life has been a bit crazy. If you’re still here, thanks for bearing with me. So here’s what’s been happening…

I got a new job! So in my last couple of posts, you may already know that I was a reporter. Although it was a dream come true to run my own paper, it turned out to be a much more stressful career than I had anticipated.

I think when you’re young you only dream of all of the glamorous aspects of a job. I used to dream of being one of those hard-core journalists who traveled the world in search of truth and justice.

But what really happened was a bunch of late nights, city council meetings, school board meetings, talks about the local tax rate and lost weekends. Being a reporter consumed my entire life, all of my spare time. It made me constantly think about the next story. I dealt with extremely difficult people on a daily basis. By the ends of the 8 or 9 months I realized that my passion for it wasn’t enough to sustain me of the reality of being a reporter. So this past January, I quit my job as a reporter.

I thought that I had failed at my dream…

But then life turned around, as it always does. God came through! In February, I started my new job as a copy writer at a marketing agency. I never envisioned myself working in marketing. In fact, I don’t think the idea of it was even remotely attractive to me at first.

But about 3 months into my new job, I love it! I love that there are no crazy deadline. I love that I still get to be creative and write. I love that the people here treat me so much better and the company overall is awesome!

It’s crazy how life can take you to so many unexpected places. You may think you’re set on one path but then you walk on another, and it can be even better than you planned!

Also, another crazy thing happened. I turned 24!

I know that may not actually seem crazy. Everyone gets older. But honestly, I’m still not used to being 24. I’m like a real adult now. It’s so weird but also kinda cool.

I’d like to say that I feel more secure in my future and myself, but that’s really not the truth. I’ve had many existential crises and mid-life melt-downs internally since turning 24. But surprisingly I’m ok with that.

I think more and more God has just been showing me that I can’t live this life on my own, by my own power. Sure, we can plan things and have dreams. But ultimately, God is in control and he’s got much more amazing things planned for my life than I could’ve imagined.

Anyways, that’s what’s been going on with me. How about you guys? I think on this blog I’d like to start more of a dialogue. It would be fun to get to know the people who are reading, rather than imagining it as some black hole in the sky. So if you’re reading, how’s life going?

Until next time!


3 thoughts on “Life Update: Turning 24 and Starting a New Job!

  1. Congratulations! I know it can be scary switching life paths. I was in school, planning on going to graduate school. I had already taken my GRE’s when on my last semester I decided not to apply. It wasn’t making me happy anymore, so I decided to pursue a career in dance.Yet sometimes I feel like I failed at my dreams too because I just gave up, but sometimes I wonder why I really wanted to go to grad school. I put on this persona of this highly ambitious and driven person, but I had depleted myself of all my passion, but I tried to keep going because I had been working towards this for years and everyone knew I was going to grad school. I still get questions and odd looks. But honestly I am just learning how to enjoy life and be 22 and adult, because the last four years I spent with my head in the books not experiencing much of life. And that’s much more important than having a career that impresses people. It’s okay to change your job/dreams. You’re not giving up on your dreams, but your desires and needs have changed and that’s normal for people. I don’t know why I planned out my entire life at 16. But I think it’s brave and awesome of you to change careers. Also happy birthday!

    I love your blog, and just followed you. Would you check out my blog too?

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