Build Me / Poetry by Sylvia Yoon Kim


We used to build mountains together

As I watched the thunder strike

Its way into rock and build

With piercing light


The wind was steady

Like a current touching

The tip of the air that hovered

Softly and warmly on me


But I saw the ends of you

Going back into the skies

Behind the dark curtains

Golden light you lived


While I waited again

I see the vision of kindness

Hold out its hand in beautiful

Patience in a single action named love


But it’s been a long time

Since I’ve taken that hand

Since I’ve walked up that mountain

I’ve forgotten


I’ve forgotten

The awe

The wonder in

Tasting the completeness of you


I’ve forgotten to bow

Be silent

Be still

And experience


Before the loud

Silent clangings of creation

Lost in the mazes I’ve surrounded

My heart


When it was first

Born into


Pure and clear


I wish to hear the beating

Of glory

When things were simple

And I breathed in expectation


We used to build mountains




When did I wish to become a masterpiece

Perhaps before enlightenment struck


And the realization that for mud

To be unsullied

It first


To be washed


And ashes

And fire

And wind

And dirt


Needed to blend

And execute

And cleanse

The impurities

Of one


Who knew masters

Were once slaves

To themselves


Each piece of me

Wrapped with a hook

Of longing

Of lust

Of self glory

Self love


For you to pull

Pieces and tear

It all away


Until again I am bare


But different

You wait


For in each hook there is something new

Something left of you


Specks of gold

Swim in the well

You’ve molded

From traces in

Beginner earth


As it swirls

And whirls

You drop

You mix


Me clean

I am reborn


Stepping on two new feet

Upon something solid

I hear the building

The pounding

The nails


As a floor

And walls

And roof appear

Surrounding the infant


It yells

And cries

In desperation


As you feed

And feed

And feed


And it grows

With memories

And fondness towards you

To one day make contact

With the one who knows


You have mastered

The pieces

As you glued together

With clarity

And sewn without a stitch


I am yours


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