Winter Fashion Trends 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! December is here and it’s time to get the Christmas tree out of hiding and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa. With all of the family gatherings, Christmas parties and holiday get-together’s rapidly approaching I thought I would highlight some of my favorite trends for the festive season.

Nighties for the Day-time!

This trend has held on since fall. Now, nighties are no longer limited to the night. Instead, pair your simple but elegant dress over a long-sleeved turtle neck and your set for an effortless look all day.
Top: Zara $69.90
Bottom: H&M $19.99

Pleated Skirts

I’ve been seeing these high-waisted pleated skirts everywhere! Whether it’s in velvet or silk, these garments are great for making you look extra tall and slim. Perfect for disguising all the turkey you’ve consumed!
Top: H&M $39.99
Bottom: H&M $49.99

Over-Sized Jackets

Prepare to make a statement with an outerwear! An over-sized coat is the perfect way to keep warm without sacrificing style.
Top: Forever 21 $58
Bottom: Forever 21 $79.90

Shaggy Baby!

A shaggy coat is a great way to add some texture to your outfit. Pair it with some more fitted clothes on the inside to avoid looking too boxy.
Top: Zara $129
Bottom: Forever 21 $78

Frills and Chills

Something new on the scene is a simple dress with that extra bit of frill to give you something more unique. If you want to look put-together without catching everyone’s gaze, try out this sophisticated look.
Top: Zara $49.90
Bottom: H&M $34.99

2731264800_1_1_10594167942_1_1_1.jpgFeel baby soft with a velvet frock this holiday season! It’s that perfect touch to transform your appearance to holiday-ready.
Top: Zara $99.90
Bottom: Zara $49.90


Glimmer and shine by adding some metallic to your closet! Throw on a sparkly piece to give you that extra boost of confidence this holiday season.
Top: Zara $129
Bottom: Zara $49.90


Other trends I really like seeing in stores this Winter are checkered blouses as dresses and embroidered pieces!
Top: Zara $69.90
Bottom: Zara $129

I hope you enjoyed this style round-up and it gave you a little inspiration this holiday season. Until next time!


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