Rest / Poetry by Sylvia Yoon Kim


How great it is to tire

After a day of work


To lay my head

And find rest


As you sing your words

On the pages of my life


I say glorify

I pray glorify


You’ve built a house around my heart


My walls

My foundation

My cover of solace


Let’s walk once more

As you lead me


I find rest




I stand in a sea of ruins

But you have not ruined me


I stand in the midst

Of crying bones


As heaven floods down

And the earth bleeds


But you keep me wrapped

In a protection of light


As eras pass in decay

You’ve kept me breathing


I can see the day

When the fresh green valley


Appears and the ruins

Disappear like a faint aftertaste


When the waters no longer drown us

But the morning dew offers rest


Until then

I will wait here


For these ruins

Testify of the battles


Where I slung the arrows and

You’ve led me to victory


Where you’ve brought me blind

Into the comfort of redeeming refuge


I will wait for these ruins

To be heaven’s kingdom again


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