Women’s Equality Day: It Starts with Perception

I remember when I was in elementary school. I remember talking to a male classmate of mine, it must have been around first or second grade and he said to me, “Women can’t be doctors.” To which I replied, “Yes they can.”

That memory is emblazoned in my mind. I remember being shocked and confused. Shocked that someone would say that women can’t be doctors and confused as to why someone would actually believe that.

Today is Women’s Equality Day. I’ll admit that I had no idea this day existed until I went on Instagram. But I’m glad that this day does exist, because it is needed. All people, men and women, must know that women are equal to men and have the abilities that can equal or even exceed men’s abilities.

So this is Women’s EQUALITY Day, so I won’t spend my time bashing men down so that women can stand higher. I’d simply like to elevate the perception of women right now.

I was raised in a family of mostly women. I was raised primarily by my mom, and I have two older sisters. My entire world was heavily female. And I say with complete and honest truth that my mother is the strongest person with the greatest faith that I know. And I’ll also say that my sisters I both look up to highly, and are killing it in their careers.

Women can do anything. Women are strong. Women are emotional. And emotion does not mean weakness. The great thing about being a woman is that we have the ability to harness both logic and emotion in stride, together. This is an asset that I think only women can really use.

What I wish more than anything on this day, is that our perception of women would change. I want people to no longer be shocked that a woman can be president, a woman can be a CEO, a woman can be independent, strong, fearless, brave and bold. Women are just as capable at achieving greatness.

Let’s take off the veneer of surprise, when we see a woman as a leader. Let’s consider it common and logical for a women to own her own business or empire. Women can do absolutely anything, just as a man can.

And men, let’s support this idea. Because ideas are powerful. Ideas can change the world, and we must never stop believing, and trying, and hoping that one day everyone would be treated equal on this earth, in disregard to gender, religion and race. Because that’s how God sees us already.

Thanks for reading! Until next time!


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