Standing / Poetry by Sylvia Yoon Kim


My heart has lived in many houses

Houses filled with many rooms


It moved through as

Quickly as I did


Homes became houses

Houses became habitats


Now I stand alone

Or rather I sit

Or rather I lay


Here in my room

On my own


But I have the sun

To befriend in the morning


My work to be my heavy

Blessing in the afternoon


And the voice of God to

Soothe me to sleep at night


This burden is heavy

But the rest is heavy with



I look around

I sing

I write

I sleep

I drive

I dream

I pray for more dreaming


More myself now

Age within youth


Rather than

Aged youth


Flashes of light

Tempered breathing

Scarred and scratched

Wooden floors

Emitting warmth still


Resilience comes from standing

Standing in the same room



Love can be fearsome


Stepping onto the rock

To start an avalanche


Pouring and pouring it pours

Over you


I wish to receive an anointing

Of golden oil


Dip my hands and arms into the river

As it glides over in the tides of my heart beating




Inhaling spring

Stepping onto soft dirt


While the fire

Molten stirs beneath me



Is to see from below


From below onto

Higher grounds


Risking the avalanche

Over me


See how the sun shines through the blinds

Of my blindness


Hold onto me

Hold onto me

Before you fly away


Unending love

There is a sweetness in

The sound of your name


Peace comes in the stirring

Movements that keep me





These poems were inspired by me living on my own and becoming independent for the very first time. Through the short journey so far I experienced a mix of freedom, fear, worry, peace, confidence and courage through it all. I’m actually quite prone to quitting things I start. So for me sticking with my new job and my new home was a challenging but really beneficial process. I feel like over the past few months I’ve grown up a lot and I’ve learned to be a harder worker and stay standing in one single place.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post these two poems because I don’t think it shows my best writing skills but I like that they both marked a really special stage in my life so I decided to post them anyway. Hope you enjoyed it! Until next time!


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