Anxiety Talk

I feel like I haven’t talked about the topic of anxiety and mental health for a while. But those are things I’m super passionate about so I plan on posting more about it! Here’s a little update for you guys.

I’ve struggled with anxiety for a few years now. I feel like it arrived with the onset of my depression during college. Since then, I have healed from my depression but I feel like anxiety has stayed with me.

Although I have quite a worrisome personality already, I feel like anxiety is different from that. For me, anxiety is that heavy chest, heart racing, restless feeling that takes both a physical and emotional toll on you.

I’ll have bouts of stress and anxiety attacks sometimes but then other times it’ll wander away. But a few months ago I started my new job and boy was that stressful. My anxiety started getting worse.

I would wake up each morning, my heart already racing, and just feeling like I was already anxious as soon as I would open my eyes. It was a problem. I constantly felt anxious about my work, whether I would reach my deadlines, and do well in the eyes of my peers every day.

Anxiety is exhausting. It steals a lot of your joy away. It’s uncomfortable. Anxiety feels like you are on the edge of a huge drop on a roller coaster but you’re just stuck there feeling like you are about to fall at any moment.

Lately, I realized most of my anxiety was due to a lack of faith and a lack of trust. A lack of faith that I would make it through the day. A lack of trust in God that I would succeed in my job each week (even though each week I had done just fine). For me that’s where I think my anxiety stemmed from recently.

So, the answer, what did I do. Well, I prayed. That may sound silly to some people but God has shown me just how powerful prayer can be. I prayed to not wake up each morning already filled with worry, stress, anxiety and doubt. I prayed that God would greatly increase my trust and faith in him. I also prayed for God to fully release me forever from that deep pit of sorrow and stress I can sometimes wander into. And I prayed for overwhelming joy that can only be felt as God’s true joy.

And God answered my prayers. It almost sounds too simple but it’s true. I no longer wake up each morning with anxiety and nervousness in the morning. I no longer feel that pull towards deep, debilitating sadness. I feel refreshed. I feel so happy and full of joy.

But that’s not to see I won’t fall back into old patterns and old ways. I still get stressed and overwhelmed sometimes but now I turn immediately to God during those moments. Changing your habits is a long process. I don’t think I’ll be cured overnight but as long as I hold onto God, keep praying and keep believing, God will get me through it.

Sometimes we go through our problems never looking up, never asking for help from God. We think we have to figure things out on our own or look to people for help. But God is there for us through everything. All we have to do is ask with a bit of faith that He will answer our prayers.

I hope you enjoyed my little heart-to-heart. Let me know in the comments what other topics about mental health or anything in general you’d like to see on her the blog. Until next time!


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