Stillness / Poetry by Sylvia Yoon Kim


My life is built up in words

Those spoken and



Narrating the subtleties

I see

Wish not to see

So that

I can find it in me to



I step on cobblestones

Of worn out poetry


As I race only to wish I was stopping

Stopping only to wish I was moving


Eternally moving

With dissatisfaction


I yearn not to yearn


But what I need

What I dream of is




To stretch my hand out of the

Moving car and let my fingers

Make a dent in the dust and wind

That is the sky we live in


To look upon a human face and see

Another human looking into my face


To feel the voice of God


To be happy



To jump upon mountains while my feet are oceans

To float upon oceans while my feet are mountains


If I could have one thing



Loving freely

Always moving

Never moving

Forever singing


In stillness



Bitterness wrapped around



Like a spine of spiteful thorns

Surrounding water


Too sweet to drink


I think about my old self


Old as in faded

Faded as in young

Young as in distant

Distant as in my longing


To find a balance

A steadiness


The warmth that comes from knowing

And not feeling the urge

To flee before beginning


The clarity that rises out of

Smokey fires that once blazed

But now breathe lightly on me


The peace and kindness that is both

Resolutely firm and a softness

Only time can produce with healing


I dream of finding it

And keeping it


To stay there


Wrinkled weathered skin surrounding bright eyes



I wonder

If I ever

Left a rose petal

On your kingdom


My King your kingdom

Remind me of the palace

That once housed my mind


Touch my soul with the riches

That I used to taste

With great pleasure and joy


Blind my eyes with the glory

That could have been mine

Before I locked the door


My King your kingdom

Could it ever be mine again


Could this

Could that

Ever be mine



I wish to lay a lock of my hair

On the footsteps

I wish to sneak my hand

Through the golden bars

And trace the clouds


My King

Your kingdom




Let not the fires



Let not the deadliness

Take over me


I want to hear the angels sing

And my lips speak

And my hands give

And my feet walk

And my arrow fling


For your kingdom

My King


Kingdom reign

Kingdom reign


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