Post Grad Update: New Job, New City

So much has happened in the past week! I moved! After living in the city of Austin for 10 years, I traversed the three and a half hour drive to Dallas, Texas. I took the big step because I have just been hired as a full time reporter for a local newspaper in Dallas!

This is my first time as a reporter for a newspaper. I have been so used to freelancing for magazines and websites the adjustment was extremely difficult for me at first. Who knew a lot of being a reporter is driving to different places and going to different meetings? Well, I sure didn’t.

For some strange reason I thought having a job was only going to be fun and dandy. But no-work is still work. And being a reporter is a lot of hard work.

And to top it all off I found out on the first day that I was the ONLY reporter for my newspaper. So now, not only is this my first time as a reporter, most of the weight of putting out a new issue every single week is on my shoulders.

Safe to say it was overwhelming the first few days. But then again, anything new can be stressful and overwhelming. I think what I really felt was a sudden lack of confidence in my ability. Like a fish out of water I was out of my comfort zone. With each mistake I wondered if I could really handle this job.

But with each workday the load felt just a tiny bit lighter. I got more used to things, the process, correcting my mistakes, and generally getting the hang of everything. Although I’m no where near 100% confidence yet, the difference to how I felt Monday versus Friday was substantially better.

I guess this post is a reminder to myself. Even though change is hard at first you need to give yourself time to adjust. You just have to take one thing at a time.  And don’t be so hard on yourself! You are capable of more than you think so don’t always wind up being disappointed and stressed about everything. It truly is mind over matter.

For everyone who is transitioning into adulthood, I just want to say I know it’s hard. I know at times you may feel lost. But eventually, you will find your way so you must persevere! Good luck to everyone out there crossing the line into independence, at their first new job or at their first new place. Here’s to the new chapter!

Thanks for reading! Until next time!


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