A Love Letter to Introverts Everywhere

You can discover whether you are an introvert or extrovert if the situation of going to a social event and meeting loads of new people either excites you or you’d rather choose to stay at home. I’d take the latter.

I am an introvert. I never saw that as a bad thing. But lately I feel like people around me surround the word “introvert” with a negative connotation.So for all of the introverts out there, here is a list of reasons why I feel being an introvert is awesome. And to all the extroverts, I hope this post quells some of your misconceptions about us.

1. Just because you are alone doesn’t mean you feel lonely.
I think it is so important to spend time by yourself. So often people see individualized events like going to the movies by yourself or spending your Friday night at home as “sad” or “lonely” occasions. Not so much for the introvert! Spending time by yourself can be just as enjoyable or moreso than spending time with people. I truly believe that one needs to be ok with being on their own because in life there will be many times when you are on your own. In that time, you get to reflect. You get to grow. And you get to hear your inner voice and thoughts much clearer.

2. A few great friends is better than a crowded room of strangers.
There is something about parties that provide zero attraction to me. Even in college when everyone is expected to party, I tried it once and never felt the need to try it again. It just didn’t fit well with me. As you get older, I think you begin to realize that having a few great friends that you love is so much more valuable than only knowing a room full of faces. Now I am not saying that being social is a bad thing. I just feel, for me, that being social with a handful of people I care about can be so much more fun and worth my time.

3. Being an introvert does not equate to being a quiet person.
Anyone who really knows me knows that I am not a quiet person. I am very loud. Loud enough to get shushed by my friends when we are in a public place. I am loud and talkative but I am still an introvert. Similarly, I have an extroverted friend who is quiet but is still very social. Introversion and quietness do not go hand in hand. Also, being quiet doesn’t mean you are timid either. Being quiet can mean you like observing, you like listening. There are more layers to peoples’ personalities than introvert vs. extrovert, loud vs. quiet, shy vs. friendly. One is no better than the other. We are all an amalgam of many different facets that make up who we are.

4. Being a homebody doesn’t necessarily mean you are anti-social.
Now I love spending time at home. I love it so much! Nothing like a cozy night in to make you feel at ease. Netflix and chill anyone? But just because I’d rather spend a day at home instead of going to a mob zone at a concert doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t like spending time with people. Sometimes an introvert would rather spend time with friends and family in the comfort of their home instead. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

5. There is much to gain from observing. 
Slowing down is important. Nowadays, we are all expected to do twenty different things in a given day. But both our mind and body needs rest. Have you ever spent time people watching? It is a wonderful thing, and I think being an introvert gives you a natural propensity to stop and observe. Observing others can give you a sense of peace. It opens your eyes to what is happening all around you. Most of the time we are always focused on what we are doing and we miss the world moving around us. Observation can be just as pivotal as action sometimes.

6. Being an introvert doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. 
I love being an introvert. I love being in tune with my own thoughts and feelings. I love that in ways being an introvert has led me to writing. I love that it has given me a greater understanding of people. I love that being an introvert has made me more careful of who I choose to spend my time with. I love that being an introvert is a part of me. Sure there are times when it can limit me but the same goes for being extroverted. Not everyone can live on the exact same wavelength, because what fun would life be if we all thought and acted the same way? Introvert or extrovert, who’s to say one is better than the other?

Thanks for reading my sort of spur of the moment epiphany I had on being an introvert! Be sure to follow my blog to get updated whenever I post something new. Until next time!


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