Euphoria / Poetry by Sylvia Yoon Kim


Red River

Magnetize my heart


Lift my soul on clouds

Lighter than laughter


Red River

Manifest in me


Trickle through my skin

Lather the hairs on my head


Captivate my eyes

With your sight


As we laugh

And hold hands


Leaving footprints

In starlight


Red River

Save me


As I reach for earthly dust

You meet my fingertips


With a dusting of gold

And blossoms of orange


Petals of forgiveness

Laying lightly on my nose


Red River

Cover me


Storms of sunlight

Blanket of warmth


Red River


Meet me in the sand

Let us dance on oceans again






Beauty in the

Battle of


Little things




Jump and fly



The euphoria


Granted to us

In between


When we blink

When we sing


When we dance

When we sleep


Falling upwards


To Everlastings


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