Current Obsession: Home Decor

Lately I have become OBSESSED with home decor. I just love it! I love looking through all the ways I could possibly decorate my current room and future dream home. Not to mention I have been loving all of the HGTV shows especially Fixer Upper and House Hunters International. So here is some inspiration for the interior designer inside all of us!

Architectural Digest

If you’re looking for your monthly dose of home decor I’d highly recommend Architectural Digest magazine. But if you can’t wait each month, they always have fantastic photos on their website and a killer Instagram feed. I love how eclectic their spreads are as well. You can find any aesthetic to fit your personal style.


Joanna Gaines 

As I mentioned earlier, I am a huge fan of the show Fixer Upper which is led by a husband and wife team. Joanna Gaines is the designer of the fixed up homes and her Instagram has loads of inspiration. Here is a glimpse of her rustic style.

2016-05-20 (11)2016-05-20 (12)


Although I’m not much of a Pinterest fan, I do love a dive into the black hole of Tumblr every now and again. There is always so much to discover in regards to home decor and style on there!



Urban Outfitters

Now, if you’re ready to buy some home goods I’d definitely start with Marshalls and T.J. Maxx. They have some fantastic and affordable bits. Of course, Ikea is a great start as well. I also love to surf on Urban Outfitters’ Apartment section online. They have some really cool pieces that can transform a room.

32478521_003_b35685585_066_b36310332_001_b37339587_040_b37826898_012_b38904520_010_b Source:


When it comes to kitchenware I absolutely adore Anthropologie. The only problem is that their items are pretty pricey. But if you have the budget to deck out your kitchen I would totally splurge on Anthropologie (they have great candles too)!


I hope this gave you a bit of inspiration on how to spruce up your home. Even if the place you live in now isn’t your dream space, you can always add a few special items to create a more calming and peaceful environment. Thanks for reading about my latest obsession! Until next time!


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