The Rooms of Forgiveness / Poetry by Sylvia Yoon Kim


We built a house made of wood

It smelt of my childhood


Bows and ballet shoes

Stickers and glitter and glue


But wait

Do you hear it

The termites


Marching in an army

Invading from every corner

Where the light evaded our eyes


Look how they chew through everything

Look how they destroy without emotion

Look how they ravage the house we built


You told me you’d be back

Back to save the day

I waited for you


Standing still in the heart

Beneath the single vein of light

In the house we built together


As the termites entered

I waited for you


As the termites bit

I waited for you


As the termites touched my skin

I waited for you


In the house that smells like

Childhood fantasies and dreams


But you’ve forgotten a long time ago


And I still wait for you



You call me weak

I’m a mouse in lion’s clothing


Cause I’ve walked through fire

I’ve ran with thorns in my heels

While you dance with sand

Telling me you’ve climbed mountains


I’ve had my name melt into nothing

My reflection portray a dead man

While you wish for perfection

In seamless plastic paradises


But I’ve felt it all


I’ve held on as darkness tried to take me

Away from my soul


I’ve stood on the precipice of endlessness

And chosen not to jump


I’ve seen the page of glory

And chosen not to write my own


And I can still smile

And I can still cry


And yet you call me weak

While there is a galaxy inside of me

While there is a roaring ocean

Cascading through my veins


Go ahead and release your arrows


I still bleed


When the reckoning comes

I hope you live to see


My redemption fall like rain

Flood waters set me free from the eternal sleep


While you’re still sleeping



While they ravage

We sing


While they destroy

We dance


While they make monsters

We see angels


For what can darkness do

When light arises



Forgetfulness is a blessing


Remembrances are like

Splinters in your heel

Piercing you with each step

As you try to move forward


With each failure

Like drinking poison

As it simmers low

Deeply in your mind


But to forget

Is to receive bliss


Erasing the pages

The character of those

Who wronged you

As a child


Let it slip away

Into the river


Wash it down with the current

Stream out of consciousness


The weight of pain

Is absolved

When we let

Our souls forget


Forgetfulness is a blessing

To yourself



A friend pointed out to me recently that although she liked my poems, she couldn’t understand a lot of it since all of them are so personal to my own situation. So I think I’d like to start writing just a bit of context to my poetry postings. What I had in mind with these set of poems is going through the stages of forgiveness. In poem #1 you have the offense in the portrayal of termites biting through a house. In poem #2, you have passion but also anger against the offender. I feel like poem #3 represents healing, learning to find joy even in the pain. And then finally #4 occurs during the forgiveness when we let ourselves forget about the wrongs made against us. I hope that makes a bit more sense now. Let me know what you think in the comments and I’ll talk to you guys next week!


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