Travel Diary: Korea Week 4

During my last week in Korea we spent most of our time in Changwon City with a mini trip back to Busan. Our last few days were very special because Spring came into full bloom which was so beautiful. Not only that, the food in Changwon is fantastic and we got to spend time with family which is always great. Here are the last few memories from our trip in Korea!

Haeundae Beach

IMG_20160326_082540 IMG_20160326_083435.jpg

Although we traveled to Changwon City, which is about an hour drive away, we couldn’t help but return to Busan for one last day trip. Haeundae is a very popular tourist beach in Busan that we decided could not be missed!

Busan Aquarium

20160325_122604 (1).jpg

Right next door to Haeundae beach is the Busan Aquarium. We decided to give it a try and it was so much fun! They had a wide variety of fish, jellyfish, sharks, turtles, and sting rays! They also have a 4D movie theater right below it. This month’s showing was of dinosaurs which was quite thrilling. Maybe I am a scaredy cat because I was scared but the 10 year old kids behind me were having a blast. Hahaha!

Spa World at Shinsegae Mall


My absolute favorite Korean Spa in Korea is the Spa World inside Shinsegae Mall. It is so luxurious inside with 15 different themed steam rooms, an outdoor area just for feet baths, and a ginormous bath house. I highly recommend visiting this spa and spending an entire day there (which many people often do to get their money’s worth).

Changwon City

Changwon City is about an hour’s distance from Busan. It has loads of restaurants, fun shopping areas, and many popular hiking trails. Not to mention when all the flowers bloom just going on a walk outside is gorgeous!


I never knew spring time in Korea was so magical!


Changwon has the cutest shops filled with pretty florals and delicate items. Tip! When you’re shopping in Korea I recommend going to smaller malls or the marketplace. Big chain malls like Lotteria or E Mart are much more expensive. But local shops are way cheaper. 🙂


All of this food was served in just one meal! The sashimi fish was alive while we ate it as well! To check out the video visit my instagram at sylviakimizzle93.

1458449543447IMG_20160320_140333 (1)

Got to love all of the side dishes you get with your food in Korea! This restaurant especially gave us so many things to try!


This was one of my favorite meals during my month long stay in Korea! It’s an entire hot pot of seafood shells like clams, mussels, and oysters boiling right in front of you!


Spicy crab and bean sprout dish!


Sujebi! It’s like a warm broth with cooked dough.


Tonkatsu kimbap! Kimbap is a hugely popular dish people eat in Korea that is very common, cheap, and delicious. But I recommend getting the tonkatsu kimbap which includes fried pork inside the roll.


Many people get udon and kimbap as a combo. It’s a lot of food but always a satisfying meal if you’re up for the challenge.


Oh my goodness! This was the tastiest meat I’ve had during my whole trip. It’s called Galmaegisal and it is the softest, juiciest pork I’ve ever had. Make sure to track this down if you are ever in Korea!


Here is the final meal we ate, a seafood feast! This meal was particularly memorable because the octopus was still alive and moving! There was also every ocean animal I could imagine on one table. The waitress kept on telling me to wait to take a picture because she was bringing more food! Hahaha.

This is my last travel post of my month long stay in Korea. Looking through all of these photos makes me miss it already. But stay tuned on my blog next week when I will post all of my fashion and beauty purchases!


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