Travel Diary: Korea Week 2

Sorry it’s taken me so long to update the blog on my Korea travel! Bad wifi is partly to blame, along with me being exhausted the moment I lay down in bed which is a good indicator of a fun day. Anyways, here are some awaited highlights from my second week in Korea. Some of my favorite memories include going to Busan Tower, exploring more of Busan’s Marketplace, and as always eating loads of amazing food!


If you’re in Busan, I definitely recommend going to Busan Tower. The view is incredible and there are so many photo opportunities right outside like the love locks and winding road. A helpful tip! Don’t take a taxi there because there are no close roadways nearby. Instead take the route through the subway stations until you find a flight of stairs which will take you there.


You get to see all of Busan at the top of Busan Tower. It’s simply awe inspiring.


In front of the tower is an entire gate of love locks that are super adorable!


Once you’re done sight seeing, be sure to take the scenic route downhill instead of the stairs. There’s this picturesque pathway that is filled with inscribed poems by famous Korean poets.


We also visited a popular bridge in Busan that raises every day. It honestly wasn’t that amazing but I think it’s worth the visit if you like to see the water. There’s even a fishing area!

IMG_20160312_111542 (1).jpg

I love going to Busan’s enormous Gukjae Sijang (Marketplace). Each time I go I always discover something new. Not to mention the shopping is fantastic!


Going to Busan’s Marketplace during night has an entirely different vibe. I loved seeing all the signs light up and even more people come out. There’s no need to worry about safety, the marketplace is just as crowded at night.


Right next door to the marketplace is Busan’s fish market. It’s fun to wander through and take in all the excellent seafood Busan has to offer.


I am convinced that Korea has the greatest food in all of Asia. Of course, I may be biased being that I am in Korean. But, for real! Korean food is impeccable!


Pajeon and Bindaedukk are popular Korean-style pancakes filled with seafood and vegetables.


Gotta love grilled meat in Korea! Most of the meat restaurants in Korea are self service. So you get a plate of meat and grill it as you go. Don’t forget to add onions, veggies, spicy sauce and wrap it in lettuce! It’s the best combination for savory sweetness.


Cafes in Korea are the bomb! My favorite chain cafe was Tom n Toms. Their honey butter toast is delicious!


My favorite food of all time is Jja-Jung-Myun! It’s a noodle in black bean sauce and it is the best food ever! The best thing about Korea is that they have this on delivery! Safe to say I ate this more times than I can count. But be careful because some delivery places are way better than others. It’s best to ask someone where they order from.


This seafood pasta udon dish was so memorable. It’s amazing how American foods like pizza and pasta taste better in Korea! Weird huh?


Galbi-tang! It’s a beef bone broth that is the perfect comfort food on a rainy day.


My first time trying Kong-Bul. It’s really spicy but still tasty. It’s also fun to eat because you get three courses of it, the second with noodles and the third with rice.


Oh my goodness! This cheese tonkatsu tasted like pizza and I ate all of it in less than 10 minutes. So good!


The great thing about Korean restaurants is the amount of side dishes (banchan) they give you! And they’re all free of charge!


Korea is famous for their Spas complete with sauna rooms and bath house. Busan has a famous spa that had an incredible bath house complete with waterfalls and jacuzzis. There wasn’t as many steam rooms as I hoped but the bath house part was definitely worthy of a visit. Beware, you have to be comfortable showering in front of a bunch of other women. But it’s totally normal after you get used to it. Don’t worry, you get your own little area to wash and the steam rooms are fully clothed.


Each steam room has a different theme like the rose room, pyramid room, salt room, or ice room to cool off.

20160315_140433 (1)

After looking at all of these pictures I realized that most of what I did during Week 2 was eat. Hahaha. If you missed out on Week 1 click here. And be sure to follow my blog for future updates including Week 3 and 4 which should both be up this week!


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