Travel Diary: Korea Week 1

The start of March brought on the start of an exciting adventure-my month long stay in Korea. My Mom and I settled into Busan, her hometown and a city I have grown to love since my last visit three years ago. Busan is known as South Korea’s “Second City” behind Seoul. But in my opinion, Busan is second to none. I absolutely love it here with it’s enormous marketplace, hip neighborhoods, fantastic food, and plethora of beaches close by.

Busan’s Gukjae Sijang is one of my favorite parts about this city. It is a huge marketplace filled with delicious street food, hundreds of shops ranging from fashion and beauty to kitchenware and souveniers, loads of restaurants, cute cafes, and much more. You can go there every day, walk through the many streets and corners, and still discover something new!

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There is an entire street of Korean beauty brands which is a must for make-up lovers.


The street food in Busan’s marketplace is amazing!


Be sure to try hodduk. It is a Korean pancake stuffed with melted brown sugar and nuts. Delicious!


Odeng and dduboki are popular Korean snacks. There are stalls of them scattered everywhere.


Busan is right by the ocean so their seafood is always wonderful and fresh.


There is also a famous fish market next to the Gukjae Sijang. You can find any seafood your heart desires there. Although it may be a little culture shocking to walk through, as every single seller will try to bring you into their restaurant or try to stop you and tell you to buy their fish.


Another area of Busan that we recently discovered is by Busan University. This neighborhood is filled with cute shops, clothing stores, and popular skincare brands. It also has a mall and many cafes and restaurants. It’s a very hip and young area that becomes highly populated at night. I’d say I liked it just as much or even more than the marketplace. It’s definitely smaller but also a lot less crowded which is a bonus.


Sulbing is a tasty frozen treat in Korea. It is frozen milk, rice cake, and red bean.


So that was week 1 of my Korean adventure. I’m so excited to continue discovering new places and of course taste much more delicious food! Be sure to follow my blog for updates each week on my stay here.


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