Spring Fashion Trends 2016

It’s that time of year again, where you empty out the sweaters from your closet and splash a bit of spring into your attire. Here are the latest trends for spring found on the runway and in your next #ootd.

Shoulder Scandal

Off the shoulder is by far one of the biggest trends found in nearly all the spring fashion shows. It’s a classy way of showing some skin while maintaining that effortless grace and class we all strive for.

Puff It Up!

Not only are shoulders making a statement, but your sleeves are as well! Puffed and rounded sleeves have dazzled many on the runway and are making its way to the racks.

Grandma’s Closet

This spring marks the celebration of vintage and quirky inspired clothing. Basically, an eclectic and colorful mess of textures, patterns, and silhouettes rolled into one canvas-you!

Denim Patrol

Who says you can’t pair denim with denim? An all jean outfit makes for a perfect trend this spring!

Latin Fire

Latin inspired wear complete with ruffles and eye catching colors is by far the most daring trend for spring. Let passion take you away this spring!

Hit The Streets

Bombers and sweatshirts have risen to first class fashion this spring. Street wear is making a huge statement on the runway and into your daily life.

I hope you enjoyed looking over some of my favorite trends for this year’s spring style. There’s no better feeling than ditching the winter sweaters for a fresh new frock fit for warmer weather. Let me know in the comments what you are most excited to wear this upcoming season!


*images from vogue.com


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