8 Simple Ways to Increase Your Happiness

1. Remove Toxic People in Your Life

Recently I discovered that maintaining friendships and relationships which aren’t beneficial to either party is just a waste of time. It leaves you feeling bad about yourself and vice versa. It can be incredibly hard to break off a relationship or friendship, but if you want to focus on surrounding yourself with people who lift you up rather than bring you down it is necessary to let them go. Although it may be hard afterwards, with time you will realize that it was the right decision and you will be much happier because of it.

2. Do Things You Enjoy

So often as we get older, we forget about our hobbies. Of course there is the excuse that we don’t have time for them, but really we do. Instead of letting your mind and body veg out to Netflix binges try doing the things you once enjoyed. Read a book, or paint, or dance! Do whatever it is that used to make you feel joyful and at peace.

3. Focus On Your Passion

While there are your hobbies, I believe that each of us has a singular passion in life that stands above all the rest. Even if you may be working in a different field from your passion, it is still important to pursue your honest dream. Make time to practice your craft and share it with others!

4. Spend Time with People You Love

It’s amazing how spending quality times with friends and family can put an enormous smile on your face and leave your heart uplifted and your mind refreshed. I know it’s easy to fall into hermit mode, staying in your house for days or even weeks on end. Trust me-I understand! I’m such a homebody! But it is so worth it to make time for friends and loved ones. Plan to do something fun with somebody you care about at least once a week. It’s important to reconnect with people. Life is not meant to be spent in solitary.

5. Serve Others

I’m not sure if there is a feeling that can beat the joy that comes from being kind to someone else. Whether it is helping someone move, listening to someone going through hard times, or giving a meal to a stranger who can not afford it, there is always something good you can do to serve someone else. You just have to make the effort to do so.

6. Have Faith

When your money is gone, and your job is meaningless, and you don’t reach your dreams what is left? When you focus your life’s worth and goals on material or inconsistent things life feels like it’s not worth living. The most meaningful thing I can think of telling someone is to have faith. Have faith in God, his love for you, his goodness, and that his timing and plan is perfect for your life. It is so important to rely on something that is forever unchanging in a life that never seems to stop changing.

7. Be Grateful

This is my biggest struggle. When things are rough it is so easy and even tempting to complain, complain, and then complain some more. But complaining gets you nowhere! When you flip the switch in your mind to all the things you should be grateful for, your heart begins to fill up with joy again.

8. Have a Positive Outlook

This world loves to be cynical. Many people mistake optimism as naivety or ignorance. But it is not. Being positive is looking in the face of adversity and choosing to believe that you can overcome it and things will get better soon. So when challenges come in life, stare it in the eye, and choose to not back down! Finding joy is a constant battle. Only the ones who choose to fight for it can find it.


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