Motion-less / Poetry by Sylvia Yoon Kim


To create

Is to breathe


Stand on your toes

Little one

So the world can see you


Speak to me

With the spark in your eye

And the graceful twisting of your wrist


Canvas the world

With your single image

Your single word


Say it with your voice

Breathing loudly

Give the world a reason


To turn their necks

And see

Something worth seeing


Who knew the ones that failed

Would rise again

For those in stationary motion-less


To see

To see

Them standing in ovation


You few were created for this



Bend your neck

Look low

Watch the floor

As your feet move





We’ve lost the occupational

Training to let go of all this conditioning


We prey

On animals of our own species

And watch the flicker of light go out in our consistency


Consistently we swim in circles

And catch the fish that swims into the middle

With a hook we draw him back into our formation


Of the eternal circle

Always moving

Never moving anywhere




We wait

We watch

As the fire dims

Into nothing but distance


Always distancing ourselves

With things we call things

That are not of our own


Sew your seam up to your mouth

Until your ears

Covering your eyes

Wrapped around your head



We stand


For the motions of new

To come towards us

So we can swallow them whole


What is next

We have already devoured

Into none


Just lie down

And wait


For the deep sleep

Can take you

While you still breathe


Muted awakeness

I can faintly remember

Who I used to be


In a photo from

A long time ago

A very long time ago



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