5 Tips on Working From Home

Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more common for people to work from home. As a freelance journalist myself, my home is not only the place where I live but also the place where I work. It can be awesome! My dress code is pj’s all day every day. But it can also be a bit confusing. Working from home makes me go into hermit mode some times, never leaving to see what’s going on in the outside world. As any other workplace, working from home can have its pros and cons.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate working from home in a successful way.

1. Make an Office Space

As tempting as it is to lie in your bed while you work, this can make your productivity plummet. It’s important to still treat your work as work. If you have an extra room in your home, transforming it into an office can be lots of fun. But if you’re like me and only have a spare corner, use that as your office space. Treat that as your place of work. Just having the physical habit of going to a designated work space can really help prepare your mindset.

2. Minimize Distractions

It’s important to not let yourself get distracted during work hours. Keep the TV off and don’t sign into hulu or netflix! Try to avoid the black hole of YouTube as well. If you have people living with you, try to avoid awkward confrontation by letting them know in advance when you’ll be working for the next set amount of hours.

3. Schedule in Rewards and Breaks

Although I said it’s important to minimize distractions while working, it’s also important to give yourself a few breaks during the workday. It’s the same as working for any company. Allow yourself a few breaks throughout the work day-no more than 15 minutes to get a stretch, surf the web, and check up on your social media. Setting specific times for breaks will help you work more efficiently.

4. Make a To-Do List

Staying organized is much easier when you make a list of goals you want to reach each work day. Keep a notepad at your work station. As soon as you sit down, write down all the things you need to accomplish before the day is done. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing off every item on your list.

5. Get Out of the House

As comfortable as it can be working from home, every once in a while you need a change of scenery, which is a wonderful perk of having a job you can do anywhere. Explore some of your local cafes and book stores. There’s nothing more inspiring than being surrounded by people who are also working hard. It gets you around people, helping you get out of hermit mode, and it also helps you discover more of your city.

Working from home can be the absolute best feeling. Just remember to stay productive, and still take your work seriously.



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