January Favorites: Fashion, Beauty, Film, Books

I have been loving a load of different things this past month, so I’ve compiled them into one huge post about my favorite things of January. First stop, fashion!


Zara Purse


I’ve always been a fan of Zara’s purses. They always look so sleek and sophisticated. I opted for a dark green bag, which is a great color for winter, and the perfect size for me.

Goodwill Laptop Bag


I guess I really love this shade of green. I am so in love with this laptop bag from Goodwill. It was only $7! This bag is great because it has so many compartments for your laptop, charger, phone, and notebooks. I think it looks so cute and vintage with a tiny hint of hipster. 😉

Coach Wallet


I, like so many of us, rarely carry cash anymore. So I wanted a smaller wallet that’s perfect for just my cards. I got this great Coach wallet as a Christmas gift and have been using it well! The color pops beautifully and the zipper adds a no hassle touch.


Mac Powder Blush


I also got this Mac blush in the shade Lovecloud for Christmas and have been adoring it! Boy, what a difference adding a little blush can make to your entire face! This shade makes you look youthful, bright, and healthy.

Origins Serum


I talked about this product in my Winter Skincare Guide but I had to mention it again! This serum makes my skin so incredibly soft and smooth. It’s amazing!


The Intern


I recently watched the movie “The Intern” and loved it! The story follows a widowed man past his peak. He tries to fill his days of retirement but still feels like something is lacking. On a whim, he applies and gets an internship at a successful online fashion company with Anne Hathaway playing the CEO and creator. However, conflict arises when investors are looking for a more seasoned professional to take over. I love the dynamic played by DeNiro and Hathaway. Their friendship feels so honest and the overall tone of the movie is very comforting. I would recommend this movie to anyone wanting a chill night with a few warm and fuzzy feels.

First Position


I’m a sucker for a good dance movie. First Position is a documentary that follows the lives of a handful of very diverse and young ballet dancers training for the Youth American Grand Prix. Basically, the competition of all ballet competitions! These kids’ passion for ballet was so inspiring to watch. And their talent at such a young age is mind blowing! Definitely, an entertaining film to watch for dance fans.

The Great British Bake Off


Oh my goodness! I discovered this show on Netflix on New Year’s Eve and finished an entire season by the second. The Great British Bake Off (also known as The Great British Baking Show) is a competition reality show of amateur bakers. However, this program is unique from all the other baking shows because each episode is based on a theme like tarts, biscuits, or bread, and with three separate challenges per episode! Basically, a baking lover’s dream show!




I had heard about this book for a long time and now that I’ve finally read it, I’m so glad I did! #GirlBoss is the memoir of Sophia Amoruso the founder of the clothing line Nasty Gal. It’s a bit of a mix between amusing anecdotes, inspiring advice, and a healthy dose of hardship and reality. I must admit, it’s not the most fantastic literary creation. BUT-I think it offers a lot of hope for recent graduates or anyone who feels a bit lost in their career plans. Amoruso has a really raw and honest perspective and I love how she empowers “girl bosses” to work hard and go for their dreams.

I think I’m going to leave my music favorites for an upcoming post, so stay tuned for that by clicking the follow button. Let me know in the comments what were some of your favorite things during January!





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