My Resolutions for 2016

Looking back on 2015, a lot has changed. There has been a lot of struggles. Going into the “real world” and struggling to find a job in journalism was a laborious process. But through all of that hardship I have grown up a lot and realized what is truly important in life. You can read more about my post grad journey here. But there were also a lot of joyous moments in 2015. I got to travel to San Diego and NYC which was a blast! My sister got married! I also got to spend loads of time with family and relatives from Korea.

Looking forward, I’m excited to dive into new opportunities and adventures. I can’t wait for what the future holds! I have a feeling 2016 is going to be epic!!! Here are some of the changes I’d like to make along the way.

Read 12 Books

For a writer I sure don’t read a lot. That might seem odd but I was usually the type of person during school who only read what was assigned to me. As an “adult” I’d like to read more. I have a few books in my bookcase that are still unread along with a list of classics I somehow avoided my whole life. My plan is to read one book per month. That may seem like a long time but for me I think it’s plausible.

Get Back Into Shape

Winter weight has really done a number on me. I’m always scared and horrified to step on the scale now. I’d really like to get the body I had when I was at my healthiest during my sophomore year of college. I was so fit back then! Specifically, my goal is to lose 20 pounds. To get there I know I have to exercise more and eat a lot healthier. One of my resolutions was to drink only water and tea but I failed on New Year’s day after realizing I was already drinking aloe juice. Sigh. But I have changed my healthy eating resolve to cutting out soda instead. That seems like something I can actually do.

Write More

Ever since my first internship at a magazine I have become accustomed to rejection. So many story ideas I want to write and get published get rejected. That’s the reality of working in journalism. It’s tough because working for a magazine or website means writing for those editors and their audience, not for yourself. But I want to start writing what I want to write about. Whether it’s the news, humanitarian issues, movies, or music I plan on adding these to my blog. Just because I hear no doesn’t mean it’s over! I can still write whatever I want on my blog so that’s my plan for 2016.


My last and probably biggest resolution is to serve more. All my life I have been living on my own, not doing much for people in need. But to be this fortunate and to call myself a follower of Christ means that it is my life’s duty to serve those who need help. I’m going to try and volunteer more in my community and church. I’d like my actions to follow my ideals for once.

So those are my resolutions for 2016. Hopefully, I’ll turn these resolutions into daily habits and a new and improved lifestyle. To find out how to make your resolutions last the year and not just the first week visit my previous post. And let me know what your resolutions are in the comments below!


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