How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

As 2016 is around the corner, people are beginning their endless lists of New Year’s resolutions. About half of Americans make resolutions for the New Year with health goals being the top resolve. However, only 8% of those deciding to make a change make their goals a reality. So what’s the key to making those pesky resolutions stick? Continue reading for tips to keep your New Year vows.

Write it Down

So many people end up forgetting their New Year’s resolutions months down the road. It’s important to write your health goals down and keep it in a visible place! Furthermore, make your resolutions specific. Record the exact details when it comes to your ultimate goal weight, how many miles you want to be able to run and how many pounds you want to lift. Stay away from vague resolutions such as you want to “feel healthier.” These types of wishy washy statements make it easier to forfeit your goals in the future.  

Make Smaller Goals

The biggest mistake when it comes to making resolutions is that they are often too daunting to tackle. Simply stating that you want to lose 50 pounds, in actuality is an enormous feat that may take months or years to accomplish. The smarter way to make a resolution is to set up smaller goals first. Forget about the huge number for now. Start off with daily and weekly goals like deciding to work out two to three times a week while decreasing your consumption of junk food. Soon enough following these small steps will leave you 50 pounds lighter anyways.

Give Yourself a Time Span

Along with making smaller steps, it’s important to give each of your goals a plausible time span. Without the creation of deadlines we can find ourselves in a stand still with our New Year’s resolutions. Time to get out your calendar! Mark the days you want to complete each step by. For example, by February 1st you want to lose five pounds. By March 1st, you want to be able to run three miles, and so on.

Create Life Habits

Have you ever been in the predicament when you lose a bunch of weight but then the pounds start coming back soon afterwards? I sure have. The problem is that most people expect the hard work is over once your reach your goals. However, becoming healthy means living a healthy lifestyle. Aim for living healthily each and every day even after all your goals are reached. Once you’ve achieved your desired level of health, reach for an even higher standard in 2017!

Don’t Compare Your Journey

Comparison is the best way to steal your joy. You will always find someone who you think is more beautiful and has a better body than you. But that person will also feel the same way. It’s a vicious cycle. To free yourself from the harmful effects of jealousy, only compare your present self to your past self. Feel a sense of pride from your everyday progress. Rejoice in the fact that you can run farther, pedal faster, and last longer in the gym than ever before. Make being healthy a daily celebration!

Have a fantastic New Year’s everybody! Don’t forget to follow my blog so you won’t miss a post in 2016.


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