I Want to Tear It All Down / Poetry by Sylvia Yoon Kim


I want so badly to create something

Of value

Of worth


More than basic



More than a daily



What makes a heart beat

And a soul burn


Is what leads us to live

For more than a day


So much gratuity

On top of our skin

We make up

It makes up

The facades

And shadows

That keep its

Presence to the public

When all we want so badly

Is to feel like more than



I want to tear

It all down

We cover gates and rooftops

With plastic paints that rot


How good it must feel to be fearless

How freeing it must feel to be free


Second guessing with the second voices

Which come first in our mind


Whose feet are mine that move

While my hands shake in the wake

Of wanting to create

Without thinking

Of an audience


If I could write without the fear of being read

I wonder

What it tastes like



I make up scenarios in my mind

Of things that have yet to happen

But I feel that should

Because they tell me

I should want

A superficial love


But I feel full

I feel light

A spark

That I pray

Each night

For God to flame

Into fire


And yet

They tell me

To reach for the twigs



Isn’t found in a box


Sometimes beautiful

Is ugly

Ash prints on hands


Standing still

In between

People jumping up and down

To a beat on repeat


I think of more in one hour at night

Than 23 in blazing mornings


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