Holiday Party Looks

With Christmas swiftly approaching so are the endless holiday parties. Here are some festive looks you can use as inspiration for your next holiday get-together!

Fun and Flirty

hmprod (1) hmprod (2)

 hmprod (4) hmprod (5)

1. Black Lace Dress

2. Dusty Pink Brocade Dress

3. Drop Waist Black Satin Dress

4. Blue Bandeau Dress

I chose my first group of party dresses from H&M. All of their party looks are incredibly affordable and very cute and easy to wear. Lace and brocade are always great choices for a holiday dress. I also love the drop waist on the satin dress and the painted texture on the bandeau.

Minimal Chic

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1. White Tulle Dress

2.Off the Shoulder Dress

3.Lace and Leather Dress

4.Velvet Nightie Dress

Next up I’ve got four simple yet chic holiday get-ups from Zara. Zara is a bit more pricey than H&M but their clothes are definitely higher quality. My personal favorites are the off the shoulder dress which is a classy way to show off some skin, and also the velvet nightie dress. Night gowns are popping up all over the designer runways right now, so why not show off this stylish trend at your next holiday party-for those who are brave enough!

Classy Elegance

4130597095950_009_b 4130257231358_001_b

4130275872229_060_b 4130204599277_040_b

1. Collared School Girl Dress

2. Dottie Sheer Dress

3.Christmas Red Glam Dress

4.Blue Sequin Tulle Dress

If you’ve got a major holiday event to attend then Anthropologie is your best bet for finding a gorgeous holiday evening dress. While the prices are high, the elegance is one that can not be mimicked. These dresses are more for special events where you are willing to splurge. I think the red dress is absolutely perfect for a Christmas party and the blue sequin dress is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Hopefully, you’ve found a dress you’d like to wear for your next holiday party. If not, maybe you can gain some inspiration on where you’d like to shop this December. Let me know which was your favorite Christmas party look in the comments below!


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