Winter Haul: Fashion and Beauty

Black Friday and Cyber Monday hit my wallet hard this year. I’m usually not an impulsive buyer (or maybe that’s self denial), but whenever my eyes caught a sale sign my body was magnetically drawn to it! Here are the things I got during Black Friday-at least I waited until Friday and not two seconds after the Turkey was devoured, and Cyber Monday-I must say online shopping is extremely dangerous!


IMG_1773 IMG_1781

H&M is one of my all time favorite clothing stores. I love the simplistic and classic styles found at H&M, which I feel has become my own signature style lately. I also know I can depend on their pieces lasting me a long time. The 3/4 sleeve shirt on the left may look a little drab on the hanger, but when worn it has a clean yet comfy box-style feel that is an essential for Winter. The material is also a tweed knit which is very Winter wearable. I believe it was less than $15. The grey sweater on the right was another fantastic find! The cotton material is so soft and it was an unbelievable $10 on Black Friday! Again, I like the loose feel is has and also the high slits on either side which is becoming quite trendy this Winter season.

IMG_1795 IMG_20151205_185738

Ross is another clothing store I frequent. You can’t argue with the affordable sweaters and pj’s they always have in stock. I love this maroon snowflake sweater that was $15. It is an affordable version of Polo Winter sweaters, which if can spot on the tag is missing the last letter o. The material may not be as high quality but it is still very wearable and I love the print! I also got a super soft baby blue pj set (with matching pants) at Ross with an adorable puppy print for $17. When worn it feels like you’re being wrapped in a blanket. Enjoy the selfie of my terrified dog Toby! He absolutely hates the camera, even though he should be a model because he is a total stud!


Forever 21 had a pretty good Cyber Monday sale. Everything had free shipping and if you spent $21 you got 21 percent off. Lucking I found these boots for $21 and got the discount. Some people are put off by patent leather material. But I think the shine makes these boots even prettier and more unique.


I got a great deal with the Smashbox Heatwave Eyeshadow Palette-50% off for a total of only $17. It’s a great alternative to the pricier eye shadow palettes and I’d thought I would give it a try. I really like the colors with it’s many nudes, peaches, pinks, and gold. I feel like it is a good beginner palette for me since I’m not brave enough to try super bold colors just yet.

2015-12-07 (1)

Mac didn’t have much of a Black Friday sale but I was in need of a new eyeliner. This Rebeleyes Gel Liner is amazing and priced around $21. It is a gel liner but with a thicker applicator which is perfect for eyes without double eyelids. I usually have to draw so much eyeliner on for it to even be seen but this Mac eyeliner gets rid of the long application time. It does take a little more practice than the standard pencil liner but I think it is totally worth it. Gel is the way to go!



Bath & Body Works always has the best sales! I’ve become a bit obsessed. Last week they were selling the giant 3-wick candles for only $8.50! That’s a huge discount from the original price of $22.50. I chose the Twisted Peppermint scent to replace mine from last year and decided to try out the Evergreen scent which smells of Christmas trees! The Evergreen scent isn’t as strong as peppermint but I still enjoy both so far.

I must restrain myself from going shopping until after New Year’s now since I got so many things! I hope you enjoyed this Winter Haul and stay tuned for more Winter and Christmas themed post coming your way this week and next. One of my resolutions is to post more often on my blog so expect lots more to come!


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