Feeling Strong

This past Monday I started my healthy living journey, yet again. I had gone off the bandwagon for maybe the past month or so-eating whatever I want and only doing “exercises” while lying in my bed all evening or waiting for the microwave to beep. But my friend and I made a pact, to live healthier by working out four times a week and eating better. I already feel a huge change.

Exercise and eating healthy is so underrated, but it can do wonders to your entire life. I feel happier, more energetic, more passionate, and stronger just from three days of exercising and making an effort to put into my body more nutritious goodness.

You get what you put in. There is something so satisfying about working hard on the treadmill or the weights and seeing your endurance and resistance level rise. I feel so proud of myself for running longer and harder than the first day. I do an internal high five whenever I see the distance on the cycle increase, or when my five pounders are upgraded to 7.5 pound hand weights.

When you make strength and endurance your goal, looking the way you want follows naturally. I haven’t lost any substantial weight yet but I’ve already seen my legs tone up. Even better, I can feel muscle building. I can now attempt new gym machines, that I would’ve been too weak to conquer before. And I can move that tiny stick up a notch in the equipment I am already used to.

When you make that effort to work out consistently, giving up those long breaks in between, you can truly see progress. Seeing progress and improvement in such a short amount of time is just a testament to how amazing and moldable the human body is!

Growing up I was always chubby. When I became a teenager I became overweight. Into the college years, I was obese. But now with a great deal of effort I feel like I’ve become strong, stronger than I ever have been before. I don’t heave at one or five flight of stairs and I feel like I can outrun or outsquat many of my peers. I even like kale! Outrageous! It’s about persevering through the pain to get that glimmering satisfaction of results. And that feeling is possible for anyone.

My kid self would never have imagined I would be able to run two miles without breaking much of a sweat. But if you push yourself physically and mentally, you can reach your health goals and create new ones. Just make sure that you motivate yourself with the right kind of goals.

For me, aiming to look a certain way or for a certain person never gets me far. It can pull out one major workout, but it won’t help me in the long run. When my goals center around progress, endurance, greater strength, and longer distances being healthy every day and not just once in a while finally becomes possible. By striving for a stronger self constantly, you can reach your goals and continue to make greater ones. Like I said countless times before, but still need to remind myself, being healthy is a way of life. It’s not a two week plan or lose 10 pounds in 10 days cleanse.

Strive to be healthy. Aim to be strong. Work to push yourself farther than the day before. You’ll be happier for it and your body will thank you in return.


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