Fashion Haul and Beauty Favorites

A few days ago, it was tax-free weekend in Austin. This gave me the perfect excuse to go shopping and buy loads of more things! Now that fall is around the corner, I chose more autumn colors and patterns. It was lots of fun seeing the new trends take over shops for “back to school” even though sadly, that is no longer the case for me any more.



I am obsessed with this jean dress! I love how simple yet chic it is. It was also really affordable with a price tag of $20 from Marshalls. I feel like as I have gotten older, I’ve opted for more simple yet elegant looks and this dress fits the bill. Jean has also made a major comeback for fall, and I’m a sucker for over-sized dresses. Perfect for the every-day, this dress manages to be super comfortable without looking sloppy. The pockets are a major bonus!


Nothing feels like fall, quite like plaid does. I thought this dress from Forever 21 was absolutely adorable. And it was on sale for $13 with no tax which made it a major steal! I think this dress would look perfect with a brown leather jacket and some cute ankle boots once it gets colder, which in Texas isn’t until like October. But this dress is worth the wait!


I am just a major sucker for jumpers. I think I have at least five in my closet already. But this jumper, also from Forever 21, has a very unique color. It’s not quite maroon, but not really brown. It’s almost got a tint of orange in it which I really like. It also looks like a dress when you wear it. All I need to do is slip on a cardigan and I’m good to go!


You can’t have an outfit without shoes! The pair on the left is from Forever 21, for less than $13. I really like the crochet look this fall and it’s a cute surprise to find that trend on your shoes through cut-outs. I also like how it’s not bright white which can look cheap. But it is more of a cream tone to better suit your clothes. The stripey pair on the right is from Old Navy. I believe it was on sale for less than $10. I love these shoes! The stripes have a great color scheme and can surprisingly match with nearly anything.


Now I am not a make-up person by any means. However, lately I’ve been experimenting with eye shadows and I love it! I feel like it adds so much more to your look and just that extra bit of glamour.


The eye shadow palette is from Tony Moly. It’s a Korean brand which just opened a store in Dallas. I got so excited when I saw the sign while visiting a few weeks ago. I just had to buy something. I really like the different shades of gold. I use the white shade for the inner corners of my eye and the bottom left shade as the base for my lids. Then I add a touch of the darker shade to the outer ends of my eyes. I’ve wanted to try eye shadow crayons as well so I got the NYX jumbo eye pencil in the 611 Yogurt shade. It makes a gorgeous pink champagne color and is very pigmented which I love! Both items are great beginner tools for make-up newbies like me.


MAC lipsticks have been my favorite for a while now, and this shade just keeps the love going. I think coral is a great summer color and I’ve been wearing this shade every single day lately. It is the Lustre Dreaming Dahlia shade and it’s just the right mixture of pink and orange with a tad of sparkle when worn.

So those are my fashion finds and beauty faves of the moment. Stay tuned next week for a fall fashion look book!


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