Travel Diary: New York

A few weeks ago I went on a completely spontaneous trip to New York. I went to visit my sister and have one last fantastic adventure before I start working full time at my new job. The trip was absolutely fantastic! The food in New York is great and I love how many different and culturally unique areas there are to explore. Here are the highlights of my trip.


First off was my flight which was wonderfully free due to air miles. From Austin to New York I floated above a sea of clouds.

Day 1: Bushwick, Times Square, Broadway


No that’s not me, that’s my sister! My first day I followed her to work in Bushwick where she is a still-life photographer. Bushwick is a bit of a weird place with a bunch of warehouses. However, the graffiti was pretty fun.

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Then we headed off to Times Square to get our rush tickets for the Lion King. Here is me doing the most touristy pose I know.


We did a few other tourist things in Times Square like going to the Hershey’s and M&M store. We also spotted Radio City Hall and the Rockefeller Center. I freaked when I saw 30 Rock (basically all of NBC) and started calling out for Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey. I bet they were in there!

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And for the main event of day 1: Lion King! The show was amazing! There was so much color and life in the broadway show. I loved how vibrant everything was and the use of props for the animals and set was so creative.

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Day 2: Central Park, The Met, Brooklyn Bridge

20150709_112712 IMG_20150709_221321

Central Park is so lovely. I love the juxtaposition of nature amidst a city of buildings. It’s very peaceful yet lively with people biking, running, and even painting. I wish I could’ve explored more of it, but turns out it’s huge!

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Next stop was the Met which is a must-see if you are ever in New York. The Met is my favorite museum, way better than the MOMA or Natural History Museum in my opinion. While we were there, we were lucky to see the China Exhibit: Through the Looking Glass. It was an exquisite exhibition using ancient Chinese fashion as inspiration for designers today. The clothes were truly a work of art. It was also really cool how they implemented clips of film throughout the exhibit. You were surrounded by sights and sounds all relating to Chinese culture. I highly recommend viewing it before the exhibit ends.

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We ended our second day walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Its a wonderful place to see the entire NYC skyline. We ended our walk with some much needed pizza at Grimaldi’s, a popular spot for Brooklynites.

IMG_20150709_213148 IMG_20150709_212755

Day 3: High Line and Cony Island

I wasn’t expecting much from the High Line. But I actually really enjoyed it! The High Line used to be a subway crossing but New York transformed it into a picturesque walkway with views of Chelsea. I love Chelsea! The buildings and architecture almost remind me of Tokyo or Boston…kind of an odd mix. But my sister told me Chelsea is a great place for young adults and it’s turning into a very hip area of New York. I definitely recommend the walk if you are ever in the Chelsea area.

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Next stop: Cony Island! I’ve always wanted to visit Cony Island since I’ve seen it in the movie Uptown Girls. Going there did not disappoint. Not only are there the quintessential summer rides like the Ferris Wheel (which was actually terrifying, don’t go on the swinging ones!!!) and swings, there is the board walk! I didn’t realize New York had beaches, but Cony Island beach was great fun! Everything about Cony Island screams summer time. If you visit New York, Cony Island is a must see! It may be far compared to everything else, but it is so much fun. Make sure to pack a swimsuit! I didn’t bring one but wish I did so I could go swimming in the ocean. I guess getting knee deep will do for now.

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Day 4: China Town

We really went to China Town every single day I was in New York but I took so many pictures I thought I’d give it its own day. Words can not describe how much I loved China Town. First off, it’s ginormous. So much bigger than any China Town in Texas. And secondly, the food and bubble tea is to die for! We had Dimsum on our first visit. Best dimsum I’ve ever had hands down! The restaurant was just a huge ballroom which you had to ride an escalator for! The food was excellent and it was a very fun and lively atmosphere. Dimsum is great for big groups. If you’re just like me and my sister you have to share a table with strangers which can be fun as well.

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Next we had to have our daily fix of bubble tea. My favorite place was Vivi Bubble Tea. They have this amazing red bean milk tea that was delicious. I kept on having to go back for it!


On my last day we got soup dumplings at this popular restaurant (sorry I forgot the name). I had never heard of soup dumplings before but they are amazing! It’s dumplings with soup still inside. You have to make a hole and drink it first. Delicious! And Jeremy Lin apparently ate there. Haha.20150711_133259

Here are some more pictures of China Town. I couldn’t help but snap a few shots everywhere I went. It felt like I was back in China. The smell of the fish, the outdoor fruit stands, the old ladies haggling over prices on clothes, the whole atmosphere felt like an adventure.

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Here are some extra food pics. Everything was delicious!

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New York was a great trip. The perfect adventure before working life begins. There are so many different places to explore! Also, there is so much more to do than just the standard touristy things. Take time to explore each area and find out which you like best. My favorites were China Town, Chelsea, and Cony Island. But that’s choosing from an overall fantastic city. Safe to say my mind is changed about NYC. It’s awesome!


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