Paradise Poems by Sylvia Yoon Kim


Let’s wave our fingers

Between the sunlight


Up down

Up down



The life we’ve made together


Feel your face wiped clean

With breezes and dew

Travelling far across oceans

Just for you


Lay in the meadow

The bed of flowers

That fell from heaven

Each time I saw you


The doe stops and turns to you

The bird perches its light heart

On your hands that weave through


Up down

Up down


The peace singing

Through veins of my immortal being


Paradise must be on this earth

For each time I looked to you

Each time I saw you


Up Up Up


I saw heaven’s paradise






In the vastness of

Earth and life and heavens and hell


There is a quiet


Not the one that deafens screams

But the one that soothes the soul

Like milk


Above the ash

And the fog


There is a pure






By those who suffered life

Too swiftly


Scent unfamiliar

To those who only had

Pebbles thrown their way


But to those

Who felt

What it was like to

Bleed internally


The white quiet stillness

Soothes the blood

Into honey and gold


We can hear it

Once we’ve stepped

Our iron boots


Above the thorns

And jagged piercing

Rock piles


We can see it

We can feel it


The quiet tranquil stillness


And in those moments

We understand


And we clothe our souls with

Unimaginable riches


If only for a moment


For the peace only comes

Within the blinks and lapses of

The mind


When it finally finds sleep


If only for a moment

The rare and few flashes


It is still




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