Staying Fit for the Summer

Summer is the perfect time to have fun in the sun…or veg out indoors where the AC is blasted. I don’t know about you, but I always gain weight during the Summer. Vacations and travelling always leads me to the deserved snacking on exotic foods and sweet treats. If you are on vacation I believe you should take advantage of the food because when are you going to have that same chance?

Here are some healthy tips in between the travels during Summer time to help you still looking and feeling your best. These are also a motivation to myself since the Texas Summer heat tends to make me lethargic and dread work outs.

Set a Schedule

Writing down your work out schedule for the week will help keep you accountable. It is also a visual reminder and motivator whenever you look at your schedule that today is a gym day, or running day, or swimming day, whatever your work out is day. It will also help quell the excuses you may make before deciding not to go to the gym. Since you wrote it down and already have it on your schedule you can no longer make the excuse that you don’t have time or that it wasn’t part of your schedule.

Have Fun While Being Active

You don’t have to fit in the hour long gym excursion to stay fit. You can still have fun during your summer while being active. You can go kayaking with your family or play some football in the backyard. Whatever fun for you is, figure out how you can both have a great time while keeping the heart racing and calories burning.

Create a Fit Community

Working out isn’t as hard as when you’re working out with a buddy. Being part of a team can help motivate you and keep you accountable. Try to incorporate friends and family in your summer workout routines and encourage each other to stay active.

Set a Goal

I think that setting a goal is crucial to your journey to health. It gives you a landmark to strive for. Although the obvious summer goal would be to get the “bikini body,” I think that setting up short term weekly or monthly goals can actually help you better achieve your over all goal. For example, the first week you goal could be to work out three times. Then the next week it could be to run a mile within a certain time limit, or swim a greater number of laps, etc. As you set short term goals it will make it much easier for your ultimate summer goal to finally be obtainable.

Monitor Your Health

It’s not healthy to be obsessively checking your weight multiple times a day. That being said I do think that monitoring your weight  just once a week or month is necessary to prevent any sudden and unplanned weight gain. If you see a sudden spike in your weight or size it can act as a motivator to then lose the weight or prevent any more from being gained.

Be Happy

It can be easy to get sucked into the idea that you have to look like a certain person or body type to be confident and care free this summer. Well, that’s just not true. No matter what size you are or where you are in your fit journey you can and should feel happy. Happiness is so much more important that being a certain size or weight. Believe it or not everyone can feel insecure at times, especially the people who you think should never feel insecure. It’s all about having a healthy mindset and outlook. So if you ever feel like your work out regimen or eating habits are making you miserable than it isn’t worth it. It’s about moderation and having healthy-not extreme habits or changes to make your life more positive, healthy, and happy.


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