May Favorites

May was incredibly hectic for me. My sister got married! Woohoo! My relatives from Korea also visited. Woohoo! And I moved to Dallas and started a new internship. Woohoo! Amidst all of the joyful chaos I found some wonderful and new favorites I’d like to share with y’all. On a side note, I’ve started saying “y’all” instead of “you guys” lately. I guess the New Englander from my childhood has finally faded away. It only took nine years.

Music: Hozier, Tori Kelly, Kat Dahlia


Trust me! Take Me to Church is not Hozier’s only song. He has so many fantastic others that haven’t become annoying yet due to radio overplay. My favorites of his are Work Song (the music video is beautiful), Someone New, and Cherry Wine (check out his live acoustic version). Jackie and Wilson is also a great song with perfect lyrics, “‘Cause with my mid-youth crisis all said and done I need to be youthfully felt, ’cause God I never felt young…We’ll steal her Lexus, be detectives, ride round pickin’ up clues. We’ll name our children Jackie and Wilson, ‘raise em on rhythm and blues.” I mean come on! That’s just great. I love all of Hozier’s lyrics and his music feels so steady and deeply felt. If I had to describe him in musical terms I’d say Coldplay, if Coldplay were indie/rock.

I’ve been watching Tori Kelly on YouTube for years and words can not describe how excited I am to finally hear her on the radio. I think I get overly attached to YouTube artists because I listen to them the most often. Anyways, you might’ve heard her single Nobody Love on the radio. It’s upbeat and shows off her powerful vocals. I love the soprano sound of Tori’s voice and she just has some serious skills. Check out her newest single Unbreakable Smile. You’ll fall in love with her jamming pop and r&b sound instantly.


Kat Dahlia is one of those artists where you can’t understand why she isn’t blasting on every radio station already. Her voice is a total knock-out and has a raspy tone that reminds me of Alicia Keys. Her songs also have killer lyrics and a bit of an urban edge. Her first breakout was Gangsta and her latest tunes I’ve been listening to non-stop are Crazy and I Think I’m in Love.

TV Show: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee


The only bad thing about this show is the title. If you are one of those people who don’t like sitting through an hour long show, then this internet alternative is perfect. The episodes are uploaded weekly and are only 15-25 minutes long. This show has completely redefined comedy into an art form for me. Jerry Seinfeld is the host and all he does is ride in a fancy car with a famous comedian or comedy actor and go drink coffee, sometimes tea ;). They talk about anything from bad comedy gigs, the nature of comedians vs. writers, funny stories, the evolution of comedy, etc. It doesn’t sound that enticing but it’s just one of those shows that completely draws you in as soon as you watch and makes you laugh every time. It can be light and hilarious, or deep-maybe even profound. A must see for comedy lovers out there!

Travel: San Diego


If you’re looking for a place to visit this summer then go to San Diego! I visited the beautiful city for my sister’s epic bachelorette party and absolutely fell in love. I daresay I love it more than Los Angeles. What’s great about San Diego is it is less crowded than LA, with even more amazing beaches. From cliff side hiking by the shore, or seals chilling within arms length San Diego has so many beautiful sights to see. Downtown is mixed with modern allure and slightly hipster scapes. If you’re looking for cool clubs, nice restaurants, or gorgeous beaches San Diego has it all. I sound like an ad, but I promise I just loved San Diego so much!

May has been fantastic. I’m so excited for what June has to offer with the promise of summer and a new internship. Have a great summer everyone!


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