Growing Older Poems by Sylvia Yoon Kim

Growing Pains by Sylvia Yoon Kim

I’m learning

That this cave I have inside

Needs time to turn into a paradise


I’m learning

That to love means as much

As the capabilities to be loved


I’m learning

Forgiveness requires all of you

And anger can always be reawakened


I’m learning

There are faults in my staircase

And the basement is still flooded


I’m learning

That beauty lies in the cracks of concrete

With roses struggling to breathe and survive


I’m learning

To be strong and the lies that weakness

Is being weak and helpless


I’m learning

My contradiction of aloneness

And the desire to be by someone’s side


I’m learning

It’s ok to be alone and love

To be loved at the same time


I’m learning

Being jaded no longer has the glimmer

Of newness and attraction


I’m learning

The forgotten holes in my heart

Never disappear when my eyes close


I’m learning

The incomprehensible love and joy

When I place my hands beyond my control


I’m learning

Being brave and fierce and powerful

Takes time and that time is subjective


I’m learning

To grow from the skeletal bents

And contract beyond intellectualism


I’m learning

To stand in awe of the profound

And release the shivers of humanity


I’m learning

That I am still a newborn

Inside skin aged beyond senility


I’m learning

How to smile and breathe

And mean it


I’m learning

That letting go means freedom

And the cost is all of me



The Search by Sylvia Yoon Kim

Find it


Broken pieces of glass

That make a kaleidoscope heart


Find it


Golden sparks amidst

Charcoal from burning buildings


Find it


Gasping breaths which level

After floods held in for centuries


Find it


The baby fawn licked clean alive

In the ashes of a wild fire


Find it


The scar from the crash

You bandaged with your love


Find it


The rock I let go when I learned

To float above the seas


Find it


The color in the kaleidoscope

That goes by many names


Find it


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