Spring Fashion Trends

If fashion is not your forte, the whole notion of “Spring Fashion” can seem a bit daunting and even unnecessary. However, once the designers in New York, London, and Paris present their Spring fashion lines these trends trickle down to the things you’ll see in your mall, window displays, and plastered on ads and magazines everywhere. So, if you’d like to get a preview of what’s to come here are some of my favorite trends for Spring this year.

That’s So 70’s

Photo credit: elle.com                                                     

Fashion is a never ending time machine of decades warping back to the present. And this year, the 70’s are back! That means  you’ll be seeing flared jeans, khaki, and hippie patterns back on the rack and into your wardrobe.

90’s Baby

Photo credit: elle.com                                                                Photo credit: Glamour Magazine UK

Not only are the 70’s back, but the 90’s as well. Time to take out the overalls and camo from the back of your closet again.

Patterns Galore

Photo credit: glamour.com

Photo credit: elle.com

Mixing different pattern has always made a statement, and no moreso than today. Gingham or checkered pattern has been a popular favorite on the runways along with mesh, sheer, fringe, and even crochet.

“Florals for Spring…groundbreaking.”

085-spring-2015-trends-florals 010-spring-2015-trends-hippie093-spring-2015-trends-florals
Photo credit: style.com

Flower power will never cease to exist for spring. However, this season designers have made this trend a bit more unique using darker and larger patterns. The Bermuda resort wear look has also kicked into high gear this season.

Color My World

Photo credit: glamour.com                                                   Photo credit: Vogue Paris

Frame-Denim-Spring-2015-w724 white

This season, fashion’s favorite colors are yellow, navy, and white.

These are just some of the trends you’ll be seeing this Spring. I’ve also seen 90’s grunge, sporty wear, and ballerina looks while scouting online and in magazines for Spring styles. Whether you like the trends or prefer sticking to your own tune, those are some of the trends you can expect to find in the fashion world from runway to street style this Spring.


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