Feminism: For Every Woman

In honor of Women’s History Month and the fact that my girl power radar is at an all-time high, I’d like to talk about feminism and why I believe it is for every woman. If you haven’t seen my first post on feminism already, “Yes, I’m a Feminist Here’s Why,” I talk about the reasons why I personally call myself a feminist. First, that I know far too many people who have been sexually abused and afterward taught to be ashamed of themselves. Secondly, how women are expected to give up far more of their careers and independence when entering marriage than the man. And thirdly, that women in society are limited in almost every way in terms of career, opportunity, leadership, representation, expression, and dreams.

But those are just my reasons. I believe that every single woman on earth can find a reason to stand for feminism. Feminism in plain, untarnished terms means that you-male or female, believe in the equal rights between men and women. You believe in equal opportunity between the sexes politically, economically, and socially. That’s it. That’s all feminism is in it’s barest, purest, original form.

For this reason, I do not understand why any woman would not call herself a feminist.

Yes, I understand that lately there have been extremists within the feminist group who stood up for man-hating and such, and that lately there has been an aura of scandal surrounding feminism. But certain individuals’ representation of an idea does not change that idea. It is only a poor misinterpretation and misrepresentation of that idea.

Here is a list of benefits that have resulted from feminism and the feminist pioneers brave enough to stand up for a woman’s right to equality in society.

  • Right to Vote
  • Right to an Education
  • Right to a Higher Education
  • Right to Work
  • Right to have a Career
  • Right to have an Income
  • Right to be a Working Mom
  • Right to choose not to be a Mom
  • Right to join the Army
  • Right to be part of the Government
  • Right to be President
  • Right to be a CEO
  • Right to exceed male counterparts in the workforce
  • Right to exceed male counterparts economically, financially, academically, socially
  • Right to say no to sex
  • Right to say yes to sex
  • Right to call sexual abuse, sexual abuse
  • Right to charge a man when victimized by crime
  • Right to have a women’s testimony in court and be part of a jury
  • Right to dress how you want to dress
  • Right to be a Leader
  • Right to Speak in society
  • Right to be Heard in society

And those are just a few.

Now, I’m not saying that woman’s rights today are perfect. In fact, equality in pay is still a major issue, along with preposterous treatment towards female sexual assault victims, and representation of women in the media, and the use of femininity as a weaker force than masculinity (although women can be both of those things). I can go on and on with the limitations women still face today and why this is more than ever an issue we still all face.

I’m just saying that feminism is what has led towards equal rights and the list of benefits I have listed. Therefore, how can any woman disapprove of calling herself a feminist? I feel like people today have just gotten so confused, partly because of the segregated opinions within the feminist group. However, the core, the idea, the catalyst for all things feminist, lies in equality.

So in conclusion, if you believe in equality you are a feminist. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. It doesn’t matter if you have fought for women’s rights or not. If you believe that a woman should be allowed equal opportunity to a man in society then that is the definition of feminism and congratulations you are a feminist.



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