Rainy Day Poems by Sylvia Yoon Kim


Beautiful hearts are made

More beautiful

When the world

Is black and blue


When tears fall

Into drops of gold

While staring at the sun

And finger tips no longer burn


Can you hear the wings

Of souls yet alive

Of voices like soldiers

And saints on earth


The power of a girl

Heart of diamonds

Mind not yet torn

And eyes sore still see


Beautiful smiles

Amidst muted fear


Raise your head up

Little marvelous one



Elemental force of wisdom

Unobjectively rooted in reality


Greater than

Greater than


Wind moving mountains

Rains raising oceans




Away with me

Feed my roots with

Greater than

Greater than




Kiss me with your mind

Melt my hands to joy

Touch my life away


Greater than


The oceans raging

Above our bodies


Let’s wade in delight

And be free



Rainy days

Of pavement and bliss


Strings and breathing fire

Seashores and warmth


Of breezes reassuring

Our hearts of the senses


Skin freckled by the laughter

Simplicity of rain


I dream of you

The days you held my hand


Teen dreams

Tangled hair


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