5 Easy Ways to Lose 5 Pounds

Sometimes it can feel like you’ve tried everything, but you’re still not shedding the weight. Ending these five common mistakes can help kick start your way into a healthier lifestyle.

1. Stop the Late Night Snacking


Late night snacking has been one of my biggest pitfalls. I’m binge watching a TV show on Hulu which leads me to snacking on multiple unhealthy foods throughout the night. By avoiding late night activities and going to bed earlier, you can prevent your trips to the fridge while the lights are out. Sometimes you may just need to fight the cravings. Chances are you are not hungry. Your mind has just been tricked into the habit of late night eating. Mind over matter. Avoid the kitchen past 7pm or at minimum four hours before you go to sleep.

2. Replace Unhealthy Snacks with Fruit


If you do find the urge to snack during daytime, replace the processed foods with something more natural. Fruits are amazing! They provide real sugar which is wholly different from the synthetic kind. They give you energy while still filling you up, so throw out the potato chips and chocolate bars for some healthy sweetness. Bananas will kick hunger to the curb and an apple a day does wonders for your digestive system.

3. Cut Out Sugary Drinks


Diet Coke is my weakness. However, I’ve heard of many people simply cutting soda from their diet and losing five to 10 pounds from that alone. If possible try to cut out or significantly limit your intake of sugary drinks. Even fruit juices can have a lot of added sugars. Instead, try drinking water and lots of it. If you get bored of the flavor, putting a fruit infuser in your water bottle adds a fantastic kick of nutrients and taste. Green tea is also wonderful. It not only tastes great but also increases your metabolism helping you to lose weight faster.

4. Eat a Healthy Breakfast


Mom always said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And she’s right! Eating a healthy and filling breakfast is pivotal to get the amount of energy you need and prevent over eating  during lunch time. I recommend a Kale smoothie. I know, it sounds ridiculous and cliche by now. Kale in a smoothie? But trust me, it tastes delicious. There are many recipes of green smoothies online, however stay tuned next week when I will be posting some healthy recipes including my fool-proof Kale smoothie.

5. Pack Your Lunch


Packing a lunch for work or school saves time and money. Think about all the time you spend waiting in line for your food, and the amount of money wasted on overpriced rip-offs. Packing your lunch in bulk for the next three days is a better alternative which will transform your weight gain to weight loss. Just make sure to pack something nutritious, not just a microwave meal or left overs from take-out.

By preventing these common mistakes your weight can shed more easily. However, it’s nearly impossible to quit all of these mistakes overnight. Try to gradually resist late night eating and replacing sugary snacks and drinks with healthier alternatives. Restock your fridge with healthier items so that packing lunch won’t feel like a huge chore. Also, don’t forget to exercise! You can not achieve a truly healthy life on purely food. You need both a healthy and strong body to transform your lifestyle.


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