February Favorites

I’ve seen many bloggers talk about their monthly favorites so I think I’ll give it a try as well! Here are my February favorites from books to fashion and everything in between.

Favorite Book: Tina Fey’s Bossypants


After reading depressing classics for 3.5 years in college I needed a laugh. Tina Fey’s autobiography is absolutely hilarious and delightful. It took me four years to finally decide to read the book (released in 2011 and still on the bestseller list) because to be honest I had low expectations of an actress writing a book. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Fey is an excellent and entertaining story teller. She must have gotten her writing chops from writing and producing her own show 30 Rock and her days writing skits and acting like Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live which you’ll learn more about in her book. The read was entirely refreshing. She’s not in the least bit condescending but simply narrates her adventures through life. I’d say Fey’s book is more mature than Mindy Kaling’s autobio and less advice driven than Amy Poehler’s new book, which made it my absolute favorite out of the three comedy heroines.

Favorite Singers: Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding, and George Ezra


Ron Weasley! Just kidding, they just look alike. Ed Sheeran is an enormously talented artist. His latest single Thinking Out Loud is a beautiful tune with endearing lyrics. It’s one of the few overplayed songs on the radio I have yet to get tired of. I’ve made a cover of the song if you’d like to check that out by visiting my YouTube channel at youtube.com/sylviakimizzle93. I think I’ve become obsessed with British artists lately. Some of my other favorite British artists this month include Sam Smith (the guy who won all the Grammy’s), Ellie Goulding, and George Ezra. While at my internship I used to listen to Sam Smith’s entire album In the Lonely Hour from Spotify on repeat. It’s a great album with a mix of ballads (somewhat depressing ones), and pop/electronic songs as well. The whole listen is very poignant and personal which I appreciated. I love Ellie Goulding’s newest song Love Me Like You Do which led me to listen to some of her past works. I’m a bigger fan of her slower songs and found some great gems like How Long Will I Love You. Finally, George Ezra is an up-and-coming British artist with a wonderfully deep voice. Listening to his song Budapest on the radio I imagined a middle aged heavy-set, seasoned singer but was shocked to find a young and skinny British guy in the music video. His latest single is one to surely get stuck in your head for days.

Favorite Vlogger: Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters

Jenn IM49634

I have been a YouTube fanatic for many years now. It’s become a new addition of entertainment for me. My latest favorite is Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters. She is a fashion vlogger who also does make-up and travel videos. I love the outfits she puts together which always give me inspiration of what I’d like to wear. I also really appreciate her attitude on fashion which is wearing what you prefer and makes you feel good rather than following trends and so-called fashion rules. She also has a great bubbly personality. If you’d like to see her Youtube channel visit youtube.com/clothesencounters.

Favorite Skincare Item: Labelle  Facial Moist Mist


I’m not very big on skin products, which is probably a bad thing since I’m stuck with my skin for life, but I love my new facial mist! It’s perfect for winter when my skin gets especially dry. After washing my face with a scrub and then applying some lotion (I use Clinique’s moisturizing face gel) I spray the mist to my face and pat it down with my fingers. The easy three step process keeps my skin soft all day. I had trouble finding the same brand online since I got it as a gift from my aunt in Korea, however I know that The Face Shop sells many face mists similar to this one.

Favorite Beauty Item: MAC’s lipstick A44 Snow Orchid


I’m not much of a make-up person either but a great lipstick alone can really transform your face. I love this color by MAC called Snow Orchid. It’s a cream based lipstick and wears like a pinkish magenta color. It’s bright and awakens your face but not too much to make your face look like a neon sign. I love pairing the lipstick whenever I feel like wearing a dark-almost grungy outfit of grey’s and black’s because the lipstick acts as the splash of color I need.

Favorite Accesory: New York & Company Necklace


I’ve been looking for the right chunky necklace for months and I love this one. Many big baubles can come off as tacky, but this one is very elegant and really elevates a simple look. I like to wear it with simple sweaters so that the focus is set on the necklace itself.

Favorite Store: H&M


I have fallen in love with the store H&M. Whenever I go out to shop I rarely buy things, and when I do it’s usually only one thing. But lately, every time I walk out of H&M my hands are filled with bags of purchases (I need to stop and save my money!). I love this necklace pairing. It comes as a set and you can wear it for a layered effect. However, each necklace is nice enough to wear on it’s own. I love the layered chain combo and always get compliments when wearing them which is a nice bonus.


A nice striped shirt is a closet staple and I think I found the perfect one at H&M. It’s a classic black and white. My favorite thing about it is the flair of the sleeves and bottom. It’s billowy and flattering on every body type. The hem is also longer in the back than the front.


I’ve also been looking for a great new winter sweater. This one from H&M is a light blue and has wonderful detailing from the extra padded collar to the outside stitching. I love the over-sized feel of it as well. As you can probably tell by now, I hate form fitting clothes and have a penchant for boxy styled clothing.


This shirt may look a bit boring but I love it so much. Winter time always makes me move toward the grey’s and subtle colored clothing. This shirt is the perfect long sleeve top. The material is soft but never wears out. I just love wearing this shirt for the every day with some jeans and maybe boots. It can work in every setting. Throw on a blazer and you’ve got business, or a high waisted skirt and accessories for a cute date or girls’ night out. It’s perfect for the colder seasons.

That’s a wrap! I hoped you enjoyed my first Favorites post. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more in the future, and also if you have any recommendations for next month.


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