Keeping the Weight Off

This post is nothing fancy.  I just wanted to confess some of my struggles in staying healthy this past month.  If you guys haven’t seen my earlier post on how to live a healthy life style, I basically talk about how I lost 30 pounds a few years ago and how I changed the way I live my life striving to be healthier and happier in mind and body.

At first everything felt incredibly rewarding.  The weight  was shedding so quickly.  It felt amazing!  It was great motivation to keep on heading in the right direction.  I felt such a new found passion for exercising, losing weight, eating better, and overall feeling better and new.  But that was three years ago.

It’s been a pretty big battle for me lately to keep the weight off and stay healthy.  Consistency is not one of my strong points not just in healthy living but in every facet of my life from my goals and dreams to being passionate about things I know I should focus and work hard on.  Once the weight was gone I thought it was all over.  I thought the hard work was finished.  But it’s not!

Every day can feel like a challenge.  I feel the old me creeping in a lot lately from mindless boredom eating to consciously eating more than I should or need to.  I feel myself resorting quite comfortably into being lazy and not working out, being too laid back and lethargic when it comes to remaining physically active.

I feel so out of shape lately and frankly it’s disappointing.  I get ashamed of myself after eating too much.  It’s not that I’m ashamed that I ate but that I willingly forced myself to eat more than I know I should and was necessary.  The fat kid inside of me that I’ve carried since childhood likes to come out every now and again.  By the way, I’m not saying being fat is bad but when I refer to the old me and the fat kid they were both just really unhealthy and obese.  Anyways, the old Sylvia tries to take over some-well many times.  I feel it now more than ever in the weight gain and decrease in basically all things healthy.

Have you ever tried working out after not keeping up with it for just a week?  It’s completely brutal.  You should never take a work out break for more than two days but I confess I’ve been working out barely once a week lately with school getting busier and busier as the finish line is quickly approaching.  So now it’s so much harder to find the time and determination to be healthy.  Priorities are hard to keep when you’ve got 50 million things to do.  But I know that’s just an excuse I and many people make.  There’s always time to be healthy, to be alive, to enjoy what you love.  You just have to make the time which is the hard part.

Will power!  Will power!  Will power!  Oh and Self Control!  It’s feeling weak right now but I think writing about it does help, as well as talking about it with others, making yourself reminders, pep talks, encouragement signs, even making a motivation wall all help to keep you on track.  Simple things like putting your gym clothes in your bag the night before or even wearing your sneakers and workout gear throughout your day force you to get in your workout.  Taking study breaks with just a few minute of exercise, taking the long way to where you need to go, running not walking up the stairs, power walking everywhere instead of grudgingly stepping forward will help you throughout your day to stay active in little but helpful ways.  Packing your lunch not buying, and only eating the things you know you won’t regret in the morning, along with drinking lots of water with lemon and green tea help to increase your metabolism all work to help you eat healthy.

My healthy life isn’t over.  It begins every single day.  I need to get back into the swing of things and focus on a continuation of my every day conscious decisions to be healthy, energized, joyful, and free.  Nobody said it was easy.  If someone did or some advertisement said so, they’re wrong and don’t know what they’re talking about.  It’s not going to be easy.  It’s a never ending process.  A goal made and met every single day.  This resolution is your life.  I’ve got to start living mine again.


One thought on “Keeping the Weight Off

  1. This is a great post. Even though you say you’ve fallen off the wagon a bit, in the big scheme of things you’re still thinking about it and still seem passionate about your health and fitness goals! You can do this 🙂 On those tough days where you don’t feel like exercising or want to eat some not-so-great food remember why you started 🙂


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