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Yes, I’m a Feminist Here’s Why

I just realized that I know three woman who have been molested or raped.  Three.  One is too many, and I know three.  There is something so incredibly wrong in that number when it should be zero.

Nowadays when I hear an inanimate object being described as masculine or feminine I can’t help but grimace.  Or when a man assumes a role for himself and forgets or ignores that a woman is there with him.  I’m not saying that these people are rapists but the mentality which comes from sexism is the same mentality which leads to justifications for molesting and raping women in our society.

There is something so wrong in the fact that a woman is taught to fear walking alone outside at night rather than a culture of education on how to treat both men and women in our society with respect.  There is something wrong in the fact that women are taught to please the man and keep him interested in the relationship while the man is not.  There is something wrong in the fact that women aren’t encouraged to dream as big as the man, to settle for the vice president rather than become the CEO.  There is something wrong when people feel uncomfortable when there is a woman in power.  There is something wrong in that women are taught that they must sacrifice their careers for raising children while the man does not.  There is something so incredibly wrong that a woman is taught to be ashamed of sexual abuse while the man is pitied and felt compassion for by a so called justice system.

So the next time you or I hear a sexist comment from a man or woman whether they know it or not, have the courage to stand up for the people in your life who you know have been abused due to this mentality which has become all too engrained in this world.   From the objectification of women as pleasurable objects in ads and music videos to the oh too commonly heard phrases like “Women belong in the kitchen” or “Make me a sandwich.”

I am a woman.  I can do anything.  I am capable of accomplishing equal and greater things than a man.  I am tired of being treated by so called gender politeness when what I really want is a mindset which truly believes that a woman can do anything just like how everyone already believes a man can do anything.

A strong and powerful woman is not trapped in her body.  She needs to be seen as a strong and powerful woman in a woman’s body, that is not objectified but respected and honored.  In the future this reaction shouldn’t even be a conscious effort but a natural reflex.

Furthermore, I understand why people can be so turned off by terms like feminists and humanists.  Nowadays I feel like they have such negative connotations that many people want to stay away from that.  However, as a feminist I simply believe that as a woman I should be treated with respect and an equal point of view men has been blessed with since the beginning of time.

It’s been a long time since the beginning and so I think our minds should evolve from the dangerous notion that a woman should be accommodated for rather than respected as an individual with the potential for anything and everything.  We’ve evolved for 2,000 years and yet women are still underpaid and underemployed and raped without consequence.  How is this progress?

Men and women, I believe I can do anything and that my gender should not be looked as a barrier but as a benefit just as being a man can have benefits.  I am not a separate species.  I am not a weaker species.  I am a human being and every human being is created equal in the sight of God and deserves the right to be treated so.

Does this make me a feminist?  If that means I believe in the equality and freedom of women everywhere then hell yes, I’m a feminist.  I want to live in a society where the number of woman I know who are abused and raped isn’t three but zero.


2 thoughts on “Yes, I’m a Feminist Here’s Why

  1. It’s lovely to hear someone expressing the same sentiments I feel. I recently read another article that basically blamed feminism for everything wrong in society so it’s nice to know that this isn’t the general opinion.


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